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  1. f9220bt HU updated successfuly, thx to Godzilla, RonS Bompa 's post was helpful for me due to we have same hu. Lots of instructions placed in the topic that's why dont leave another one,
  2. i patched my USER\PRG0\APL\RenewalIFLib.dll file on HU (in accordance with second method) and tried to map update but process freezed on %93 and asking "proper sd" before. i unzipped shortfusescript.zip to my sd, insert the sd to my HU, and follow the instructions (after "ready to update" notice) i restart the HU (9220), HU was asking "proper sd card" and i inserted other (update sd card) and after a few second HU reasked "proper sd card". ??? which part is wrong i m surprised