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  1. thank you ill give it a shot this afternoon
  2. hello guys maybe someone can help me as im a noob with this unit, I have a x930bt running fw ver 03.0000 and bt fw 3.22. id like to upgrade the unit but im not sure if i missed something as its not taking the update, it boots normal without updating, so last night i successfully loaded the shortfuse hack then loaded the (unziped) two folders and the cardinfo file on the sd. it wont take the update. no errors just wont update. the sd was formatted to fat32, i even tried the other cardinfo file with no change.do I need to load a previous Fw then this update. idk what am i missing UPDATE i was able to get it to load but for some reason the short fuse hack didn't take. even thou it said success. the update is asking for a password.
  3. major bluetooth lag on x930bt

    humm, what is the latest firmware or update for the x930bt. i believe it has never been updated. maybe it could benefit from an update
  4. AVIX X930BT Noob Question

    lol i did the same thing
  5. just bought a car car with the x930bt. my question is, how long does it typically take for it to connect to the the device. it takes mine up to 5 min that seems excessive.