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  1. ebay maps

    Just wanted to jump in and say thanks to @asd255 for helping me out. I made the mistake a couple years ago and bought an update for my 8200 from avicfix (not a good idea). The first time I tried to use the update it did not go well, had a bunch of problems. Not long after I found this webpage and a couple of others and was able to get my unit up and running, but still had problems. I just recently bought the update to 2018 Q3 on eBay from asd255786, followed instructions that were provided but the update didn't load properly to my head unit. From digging through the files and directory (avicfix's update was causing the problem). I contacted asd255786 and got an immediate response, I was sent an additional file and to retry the update and send logs. It worked perfectly, everything updated and my head unit is now running smoother, quicker and now up to date. Thank you again @asd255.
  2. 2019 NEX models?

    Sorry for the delay. It't the DDX9905S, 720P screen resolution. It has a 13 band EQ and time alignment. It does not have built in GPS.
  3. 2019 NEX models?

    I'm waiting to see as well. I was recently looking at Kenwood as they have HD screens and support multiple card formats that Pioneer does not. I currently have the 8200.
  4. Navigation system gone?

    I got lucky when pushing an update and lost navigation all together. I re-flashed the firmware and it came back.
  5. NaviExtras Does Not Recognize USB Drive

    Sweet! Thank jrprich, I had a bunch of files in there and started deleting some to see what would happen and now it works. File structure was the same, just different details.
  6. NaviExtras Does Not Recognize USB Drive

    I've been having the same exact issue for over a week now. Tried multiple USB thumb drives, different USB ports and different PC's. I have not done anything different that I have done before and now Naviextras will not recognize anything.