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  1. Hey Evanovan, Old thread, but for anyone searching, here's how you can turn an improperly written SD card back into a usable card. Seems to have around an 80-90% success rate. Not sure how to do it on MacOS.
  2. Not to hijack, but it looks like this file also works for the international W4400NEX (re-designated as the Z9150BT) I haven't tried it firsthand but I received a report of success here: Nice little breakthrough for the international markets! -Tim
  3. Thank you for posting this HondaR. (And huge shoutout to JamesI75 for the image) I'm the creator of the disassembly video you linked to. (Sorry it's a little misguided. Had no idea what I was doing at the time) I've since linked to your very straight-forward post multiple times but still get questions... I made another (very quick) video for those still confused about the process: Thank you for your write up, and giant thank you to the AVIC411 forum for the selfless work everyone's doing here. All the best, -Tim
  4. Any write up for ripping the image from a known good radio?
  5. Same question as briceyboo. My unit is stuck in boot loop and I wouldn't be able to get into the firmware update menu per the instructions on Pioneers website. Is there a write up on ripping the software image from a working unit? Thanks in advance. -Tim
  6. Also in need of the AVH-4400NEX image! Bummed about this infinite boot loop, and not shelling out $$$$$ for a new Pioneer unit :/
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