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  1. So you want to save a little money and buy off the internet? You'll get the old Z2 pre-production june 07. It's the only dumping ground to get rid of the Z2's that can't be bypassed. The specialty dealers have the ability ( and you know who your dealing with) to look you in the face across the counter, when your giving over your hard earned savings, that this is the newest version and it will work. Internet Dealers for the most part are like buying sex on a busy drag during sting operations. You don't know who your dealing with, and they could care less if you get ripped off. After the cash is
  2. Bypass is the same as the Z-1 ground pin trick
  3. New units working with the z-1 bypass! Look for new units with yellow sticker by the serial number. Beware buying from the Internet, you have no way of knowing if it's new enough to have the sticker, or one of the old ones.
  4. I have both XM and Sirius and I never listen to XM. XM is owned by Clear Channel and since it's inception has become a billboard of advertising. Ask yourself this question the next time your listening? Why am I paying to hear all this advertising? It wasn't this way in the beginning? But now it's worse than FM! Both signals are compressed for bandwith reasoning, but I can't agree that one sounds better than the other. You may have to look at your head unit to see if it has different audio parameters per source.Is your Sirius tuner connected through a FM modulator? Sirius has made some headwa
  5. You need to change the location of your ground. The closer to the battery the better. First rule of thumb for "Pops" and "Whines" is move the ground. This may eliminate the problem. If not read on...... The other problem is the difference in voltage between your amps 12v source (from the battery I would assume) and the voltage through the blue wire. In this situation, I would recomend using a bosch relay SPDT from the same source as the amps main current feed. The blue wire will tell the relay to trigger and send the same current as the amps current thus eliminating the "Pop"
  6. AVICD2'S are no longer in production, and out of stock in most territories. AVICD3 is the replacement and import will be early 07. There not BSing you, they can't get one to fill your order.
  7. The forums and members here are a unique community. Intelligent members putting their heads together and sharing information makes this forum by far the most usefull tool in this indusrty. I'm curious how many members have invested in some type of aftermarket accessories before investing into a security system? I personally was a victim of car theft (f250 FX4 06 King Ranch) and was lucky enough to have got it back. It was minus the entire interior, but at least I got it back. Getting the interior replaced with my insurance company has not been a pleasant one, but that's entirely a di
  8. While a lojack is a great add on alarm accessory, you are dependant on the Police and the training they might have recieved on how to use the product, which by the way alot of police departments are not interested in purchasing the equipment to make the whole process complete as far as tracking once your vehicle is stolen and you've contacted Lo-Jack to activate your unit. Not all police departments participate in Lo-Jack so check the local Law enforcement agencies in your area about how many units on any one shift are out there. Researching this subject of tracking on my own, I find rath
  9. I find this forum intuitive and helpfull in many ways, However, one category I don't see is security issues/ideas. I lost my brand new F250 King Ranch on the 7th of October at a mall. I have to tell you, the empty feeling in my stomach when I approached the spot in the parking lot where I Left my truck, and it wasn't there! I felt beyond violated! To my surprise I learned alot about insurance companies in the past ten days, and to those of you that have increased the value of your vehicle by adding aftermarket accessories, if you want a dime of it back after your vehicle is stolen, y
  10. That would depend on how many other things are also running off of the battery at the same time, like amplifiers,dome lights...etc. Also, batteries have a fairly short lifetime depending on how often you drain it down and charge it back up again.
  11. Try a product known as Blinder! As long as your on a straight road and have some distance, laser won't lock on to your vehicle, you'll have plenty of warning time to get to the posted speed limit, then turn it off. Once you turn it of he'll lock on to you and you'll be alright. It might cost you a little up front, but save you alot in the long run.
  12. Prime example of the situation your in by not supporting your local specialist. The little bit you saved from 6th ave is going to cost you more by far to rectify your situation. There's not a local specialist I know that would not take advantage of you in your time of need. You made your bed (Buying from the Internet), now lay in it!
  13. Something else to add to the list of whyners? The Z1 Blows away everything in the Navi market Bar-None. Try using the Escalade factory Nav. It tells you about your destination after you've gone by. Sony couldn't compete and dropped out. Just when you think your favorite name brands comes out with the piece you were hoping for Pioneer will have another new generation of product out. Everyone else will follow, while Pioneer will be the leader. Pioneer as a brand outsells every other car audio manufacturer 4 to 1. Do the math.....That's more than any three other manufacturers combined. If th
  14. Why would you tell consumers you'd sell them [b]wholesale[/b], when you and I both know that the amount of business you do is not worth violating your contract with "P" for selling outside your territory? :evil:
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