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  1. I bought one of the ebay oem copies to replace the failed SD in my W4500nex. Lasted about 4-5 months and now it's doing the same. I'm about ready to give up on W4500 it's so unreliable. Of the newer Pioneer units, do we know which ones don't have firmware on SD cards or don't have this issue with bootlooping? Requirements are wireless apple carplay. Nice to have would be Android Auto (wireless). Nav not required as I usually use WAZE for the police alerts. Any insight would be appreciated. The ebay copy of oem SD of course was just some no-name sd card, go figure. Than
  2. You're welcome. I'd be appreciative of a long term report after you've lived with it for a week or two. Stability? Full functionality? Do you find that the in-built nav messes with accessing apple maps or waze at all with voice commands, etc. My SD card came back to life just after I ordered the AvhtoAvic so I've been holding off. Good luck.
  3. Here is what I received regarding Maestro.. Hope it's helpful. Hello After replacing the SD card, the "Device Model" of your radio has changed. Now he's AVIC-W8500NEX you need to reprogram MRR. download Weblink Desktop to flash your module https://www.idatalinkmaestro.com/en select you car and AVIC-W8500NEX model and specify Device ID: Sbtm002063uc also you need to change the Device ID in the radio you must use the same number: Sbtm002063uc pdf instruction how to change Device iD in radio: https://mega.nz/file/7AJ2QDoY#2X7Y3WYWXrkw3bmVv2QqCk88nhqtbxa9Vz4K_e1jcc
  4. My W4500nex worked great with my iPhone 11pro for 2 years. Switched to a 13 pro and nothing but problems with auto reconnect not working. Researching seems to reveal lots of others with this issue. Many say problem is SD card issue and new SD card fixes. Irritating that no official w4500 firmware for download on pioneer support that I could flash to a quality sd card & be good to go. Rather you have to buy new preflashed junker card off ebay or pacparts. It just seems a really odd problem to have. My previous W4400 had available firmware. All of the other nex units from low end t
  5. Just curious as to what the current OEM version is for this model. I got my stock SD card to start working again & checked and it's 1.0. I don't see any fw upgrades on pioneer's site but find it hard to believe that this far into the lifecycle that it's never had an upgrade.. Is that correct? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the very helpful post. Has anyone done this that has a maestro? My maestro rr refuses to communicate correctly (blinking red light, status nOK on communication screen). Tried flashing maestro w/ latest and re-entering serial number. My serial on screen is same as on chassis even after flash of 4400 modified image. Thanks.
  7. Does avh2avic retain the ability to use maestro rr? I ask because I have a 4500 with bad SD card and I replaced SD with one that I flashed with the 4400 image floating around (modified for resistive touch) and it brought the radio back to life but now maestro rr doesn't talk correctly to it even after re-flashing maestro and making sure that maestro is configured with the serial number. Same SN on label and on-screen so flash didn't seem to affect SN. If avh2avic does function correctly then maybe I'd be better off paying for that. Thanks.
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