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  1. Navi Disk anyone?

    Still need a disc? Thanks, -Nigel
  2. D3 Back Grounds ? creating a working disc.?

    All you have to do is have a folder called PICTURES you then put up to 20 pictures in the folder making sure they don't have spaces or weird characters in the name... I just did this yesterday on my Avic d3 that I just installed in my truck after it's been sitting in my basement for over 4 years... I've never had a problem putting images on the cd. Makes sure you don't mark the cd as a usb drive when burning the data... it should be a closed disc. -Nigel
  3. Can you have IP-bus 3.5mm cable and Ipod adapter on Avic D3

    In case anyone checks though this is an old ass system. I just got the IP-BUS aux 3.5mm cable and it does NOT work on an Avic D3, Don't waste your $8 on one. -Nigel
  4. Thinking about installing my Spare Avic d3 in my truck. I already have the Ipod specific cable for my little nano which is perfect, I saw that they make this cable. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pioneer-Avic-D1-Avic-D2-Avic-D3-Aux-3-5-mm-iP-Bus-iPod-MP3-Satellite-Sirius-XM-/380617301021 What input would that use for the 3.5mm? I would guess that the existing Ipod cable/adapter uses the IPOD icon on the menu, but what does the IP-Bus aux cable, would that be Video 1? I know the front of the stereo has an aux input but I don't want wires hanging from the front of the headunit. Thanks, -Nigel
  5. Anyone seeding the new CNDV-110MT map disks for 2012?

    welp updated to the newest... runs fine and it's nice to have it finally updated after sooo many years of being outdated..lol -Nigel
  6. Anyone seeding the new CNDV-110MT map disks for 2012?

    I just updated my 70mt maps to the 90mt maps like yesterday... and just found this and burning now..lol My writer doesn't burn at 2.4x it's minumim is 4x so that's what it's burning at... the 90mt updated the avic d3 no issues so I'm hoping the 110mt is good. Are there any difference between the two other than updated poi and roads..etc. No other features right? From what someone else said the 90mt was much quicker than the 70mt... any speed issues or anything going on with the 110mt maps? Thanks, -Nigel
  7. does anyone have the Pioneer CNDV-110MT us images yet.

    I just downloaded this. Will it work for the Avic D3? I just updated my old maps from 70MT to the cndv-90mt yesterday and it worked fine. Just wanted to make sure this would work before I put it in the D3 and possibly screwed something up. Does this only update the maps, and is there an different between this and the 90mt besides being updated? Thanks, -Nigel
  8. Help on 2010 d3 maps

    would also like to know....just updated to the 90mt maps..lol little behind -N
  9. Update to use newer versions of bluetooth???

    I've never been able to get any phone to work with the stupid bluetooth box. so frustrating. .. -Nigel
  10. Avid D3 input?

    I decided I wanted to plug my phone into the avic when I want to stream stern on the radio... Well I get behind the avic and see the input where it says INPUT and it has the right and left audio... I plug in a mini to rca plug back there and when I go to the menu I don't see the option to listen to an external source... What does that input do if it's left and right? How would I go about playing my music from my phone? I like to keep all wires no visible so I didn't use the front mini port for that reason.. Thanks, -Nigel
  11. installing upgrade maps with brake bypass

    +2 here. Exact same boat. What does one get with the update other than newer streets and updated locations..? -Nigel
  12. East Coast Disc FTP Information Contained in this post.

    +2. Thanks, -Nigel
  13. Question on map detail via GPS

    I am zoomed in at .5 miles... I can see the main road i am on but the other street names are not displaying. Is there an option for map detail.. Navigating through the menus I did not see this feature.. I will go out to my car and see.. -Nigel
  14. Question on map detail via GPS

    When I do not program a route via the D3 and I am just driving with the map on even zoomed in only the main road street names are displayed... is there a way to get teh side streets and what not displayed? I am just used to this feature from my garmin.. So far I like the GPS on the d3... only gripe I had was when I was going to the airport last night to pick up my sister it was telling me to make a left when there was no way I could make a left because there was no street...lol But after I made the RIGHT I was back on track... Thanks, -Nigel
  15. Headphones?

    OKey dokey, Thanks for the help on that -Nigel