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  1. I'm not sure the phone would actually die but I have noticed that app radio mode "drains" the battery. I actually think there is an issue where it actually isn't charging. This should be something that can be fixed with firmware or updates to the pioneer apps. I really think those apps are not built well and could use a little more work done to them.
  2. I have a Z150 on the way so I read this whole thread and I'm still not totally sure I know what is going on. Is it move the mute wire and ground the parking brake? Which is the same as it is with my Z2? The best would be if I could just leave my harness and everything else from the Z2 in the car and just plug the 150 in, wishful thinking I guess but It'd be nice.
  3. I'm looking at replacing my Z-2 and I am up in the air on whether I should wait to get the 150 or just go with the 140? From what I have read, the 140 uses all the same cables and accessories as the Z-2 (XM, Sirius) does it use the same harnesses? I It be nice if I could just leave all that stuff and replace just the unit itself. I know the 150 is new but what does it have over the 140 that makes me need to wait for it? I'm just not sure. I know it uses a new hybrid sirius tuner and from what I could read it sounds like all the other wiring is new too? Is that right?
  4. your crutchfield might be mistaken. Possible factory installed car radio's could be that long but i doubt it. part of the merger deal: Federal regulators have ordered that within nine months, the combined company, Sirius XM Radio, must offer receivers capable of getting both XM and Sirius programming.
  5. How much is just for the traffic piece? I already have the Sirius subscription. It would normally be 9.99 but my wife has XM in her car so as part of a family plan it is 3.99...plus get the music channels too it comes to 11 bucks if you want. hopefully the next Z has MSN direct and some kind of crazy weather mapping service.
  6. in the z series you can only do specific song....no artist(which is messe dup) there is a mode button on the Z, if you hit that enough times it will show you station number and artist and song. I assume the F might be rather similiar.
  7. that great, I don't need them though, I bought the Z2 over other brands in part because in my VW the dash lights are that color blue (and red). .I should take a picture of it at night, with the red mood lights, I lvoe the interior with the Z2.
  8. can you have a custom splash screen? can you have multiple backgrounds like the z3 and is there a way to hidethe av menu's like in the z3?
  9. i had the same problem, my box was fried, had to get a new one.
  10. I have a few questions: 1. Can it still do Sirius and XM together 2. Is it XM Navtraffic? and weather compatible? 3. I know it is smaller but does the screen feel smaller?
  11. Is it possible to get that matrixy one for VW...or more specifically a VW Rabbit?
  12. I have them both....XM for traffic, sirius for music.
  13. I was going to this eventually, but currently, my splash looks pretty good even with the pioneer stuff everywhere.
  14. i wanted to expand it...whats the biggest size you can make the music partition without causing problems?
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