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  1. im installing the sph-da02 in my wifes car....i bought a tr7-pro to do the bypass, but it programs much different than the regular version.... does anybody have any info on how to program this unit ? ive tried searching the forum as well as youtube....and im just coming up short. :-/ any help is very much appreciated.
  2. Can not isolate hiss from speakers....

    ive got both a "digital" back ground noise, as well as accelerator whine. I dont have any ground loop isolators in the system.... but after reading some other threads, i DO have HID lights, im going to try un hooking those,, as well as grounding my RCA cables.
  3. upon checking the service info...it does not.
  4. ive downloaded and re-downloaded the firmware update from pioneer, with no luck getting the unit to read the disc, and update itself. If i open the SDcard icon as a source, it has several .WAV files that play background music to a woman speaking some asian language.....what the heck am i doing wrong ?
  5. Can not isolate hiss from speakers....

    avic x910bt in an 08 ram, using all 3 rcs outputs into a 6 channel cadence amp, with all new speaker wires.....HORRIBLE engine noise.... avic x920bt in an 03 avalanche with the metra gmos 04 interface.....HORRIBLE engine noise..... i will be installing all brand new JL amps, jl seperates, and JL subs next week, and eliminating the metra interface, and bose amp.....i thought i had a bad radio with the x910, but now that i have the same problem with my x920, im wondering if its something with the RCA outputs from the radios.
  6. PandoraLink is Live!

    that was my question too.....how would it be controlled.
  7. PandoraLink is Live!

    Im having a very hard time wanting to switch from verizon to At&t just to get an iphone, to run the pandora link.....anyone heard of possible talks of launching a pandora link for either Droid or less likely, Blackberry ?
  8. D3 iPod Classic Downgrade How-To

    ok i think i figured it out......after a restore with 8 movies and 297 songs...i plugged the ipod into my truck.....movies alllllll played fine....i hit the button on the screen to switch to music....played music fine......but when i tried to go back to video....no luck.....couldnt get videos to play again......so basically....if u dont put any music on ur ipod........the video portion of the ipod should work fine..... that really defeats the purpose....but until someone creates software that actually works....we have to pick our poison.
  9. IPOD Firmware and instructions 1.0.2 for Gen6

    Im wondering if it has anything to do with certain content, im not sure exactly what is screwing it up, but when i only had one or two movies and no music....it worked fine everytime i tried.....and its only now, after loading the ipod with music and several dvds....that it doesnt work.
  10. IPOD Firmware and instructions 1.0.2 for Gen6

    yea soooo mine has worked fine until today when i loaded up a bunch of music onto the ipod, now its doing the same thing urs is.....this is getting really frustrating to say the least.
  11. D3 iPod Classic Downgrade How-To

    yea mine does that.....my avic screen is also blank when im using the ipod for music....is that normal ?
  12. D3 iPod Classic Downgrade How-To

    I actually figured out the problem....since my ipod was brandy new, it didnt have the update folder in the unit yet....i had to perform an upgrade.....so i could then downgrade.... i got it workin now.....but it has frozen on me a few times.....but i reset the ipod....and it works again.
  13. D3 iPod Classic Downgrade How-To

    I cant seem to get the "use older version" tab to come up ....it keeps asking me to use the same version i already have.......frustrating !!!
  14. which ipod work to play video on avic-d3?

    oh ok ....thank you for graciously pointing that out
  15. what do i have ?

    i checked the site and called my local store, they only have current versions available