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  1. AVH-P4000 Custom Background

    damn not one reply. im going to go with my original assumption and say no
  2. iphone and avic d3

    you also get the cable with the 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 head units as well. i tested the iphone on my d3 and works great
  3. AVH-P4000 Custom Background

    So one of my coworkers got the AVH-P4000. He wants to know if you can put a custom background on it like I did on my car. I'm going to asssume no, but figured I would ask. Any info would be much appreciated
  4. Avic d3 subwoofer 2007 Ford Edge

    it all depend on how you wired the unit in. but most likely youve bypassed the factory amp and sub.
  5. F series at Best Buy?

    that depends on when this f series hits the stores. cause im not gonna return it if i cant get the f series for another month or too. i just checked the sku numbers say the week of the 5th we can expect them hopefully
  6. F series at Best Buy?

    i just bought my D-3 a less then a month ago too. might have to return it lol
  7. bump for more chevy backgrounds
  8. D3 Install

    idk, one of our old shop leads told him that. ik he wasn't trying to get money out of me since i do my own installs and other installs in the shop all the time. granted i do mostly nitrous installs more so then in dash DVD/Navigation head units. but didn't seem necessary thanks for the info
  9. dvd movies on a d2?

    yea i almost bought a d2 until i found that out. but i do like the way the navigation is setup better in the d2.
  10. where do you live. go back to the best buy and get that kit. you need it. we get a stupid little double din install kit to put these models on display and but in reality we use them to install it into cars. i know one of the installers has an 02 vw and had the same issue till i got my hands on one of those kits for him
  11. D3 Install

    Would just like to say i love the site you guys go on here. Just installed a D3 into my cobalt last week and the bypass mods were so easy to do. One of the installers i work with said to put the ebrake wire on a switch. This way it helps keep the GPS more accurate. Anyone heard of anything like this?