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  1. Guide to .bmp files inside the Flash Disk

    After quite a bit of searching around in the 800_480\ Directory, I came across a good amount of interesting .bmp files. Some of these files are the icons for menus and different sources, some are random, but with this starting list, and with Stephanie's groundbreaking hacks, my intention is to hopefully set up a spot where all members can create their own custom skins for their unit, and share them with others, and make ths unit even more customizable. Here is what I found: all in the 800_480\ folder (these are not links to images, simply the file names) The Following are icons: 746_32K_MN_663_32b = Address Book 746_32K_MN_664_32b = P.O.I.'s 746_32K_MN_665_32b = Favorites 746_32K_MN_666_32b = History 746_32K_MN_667_32b = SD Card 746_32K_MN_668_32b = Delete Route 746_32K_MN_669_32b = Some Globe Icon 746_32K_MN_670_32b = Map w/ A Magnifying Glass 746_32K_MN_671_32b = Return Home 746_32K_MN_730_32b = GPS & Time Settings 746_32K_MN_733_32b = Visual 746_32K_MN_736_32b = Route 746_32K_MN_739_32b = Warnings 746_32K_MN_742_32b = Region & Time Settings 746_32K_MN_745_32b = Circular 'R' Icon 746_32K_MN_748_32b = Return Home 746_32K_MN_751_32b = Might be Demo Mode 746_32K_MN_800_32b = MSN Gas Prices 746_32K_MN_803_32b = MSN Movie Times 746_32K_MN_806_32b = MSN Forecast 746_32K_MN_809_32b = MSN Traffic The Following Are Upper Left icons for whatever menu you're in: 746_32K_MN_663_32b = Upper Left Route 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL Settings 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL Address 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL P.O.I. 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL Favorites 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL History 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL SD Card 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL Set Home? 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL Globe Thingy 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL Map w/ Magnifying Glass 746_32K_MN_663_32b = UL MSN Butterfly The Following are Miscellanious files that can be use to some members: 746_32K_OM_011_32b = 2D Map Button 746_32K_OM_012_32b = 3D Map Button 746_32K_OM_013_32b = Map Info Button 746_32K_OM_018_32b = Red Dot Button 746_32K_OM_019_32b = Green Dot Button 746_32K_OM_032_32b = View Adjustment Grid 746_32K_OM_033_32b = View Adjust Up 746_32K_OM_034_32b = View Adjust Down 746_32K_OM_035_32b = View Adjust Left 746_32K_OM_036_32b = View Adjust Right 746_32K_OM_043_32b = Previous Screen Button 746_32K_OM_071_32b = Red Crosshair 746_32K_OM_100_32b = Map Compass 746_32K_OM_250_32b = iPod Button (Not iPod Icon) If you look at any of the .bmp files, there will be a 3 picture column of the same icon. picture #1 is the icon stationary picture #2 is the icon when pressed picture #3 is the icon when grayed out. Also you'll notice I've only found about half of them...my guess is that the remaining ones are scattered throughout the rest of the flash disk in other directories. So if anybody wants to take a stab at this and try to make a custom skin, or if you'd like to pitch in to help find the rest of the icons and etc, It'd be much appreciated
  2. Deciding Between z120 and x920

    I just bought a new car, and I'm looking to get another AVIC. Im torn between the Z120 and the X920. I know that the 120 is the top of the line Avic money can buy right now, but the price gap between the 2 is what's making me unable to decide. Should I spend the Extra Money for the 120, or save Money and get the 920. My question is for Z120 owners and Z110 upgraded owners, Aside from the larger screen and the Motorized Flip out, is there really anything else the Z120 has to offer over the X920? I had the F90BT since its release up until last week and didn't mind the smaller staionary screen. Thanks in advance! -CMIYC

    ive only seen 2 topics even mention this: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... hlight=led http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... hlight=led but today ive managed to get to the keypad circuit board and ive discovered 2 things: -the leds themselves are blue -the leds are 10x smaller than those smts in the 2nd thread. so within the next id say, 2 weeks, a close friend of mine is going to change the led's to red. he works with led's and soldering and all that and has used smaller Led's than wat the avic has heres a pic of the buttons taken out. the menu button doesnt come out: i took a picture of the actual circuit board too but for whatever reason it didnt save to my phone...i didnt realize until it was put back together. but ill keep everyone updated on the progress. Also just to get a rough idea, if this is successful, who would be interested in a button color conversion?
  4. anyone know where jimmy303 has been?

    His myspace page hasn't been active for a month. Didn't he open up a shop? Try calling there.
  5. IDT Fund!

    I haven't been on for a while and I don't know the situation, but Paypal sent buddy. Hope everything works out and thank you for all your hard work. Also, if you are going to sell the unit, it better be to buy one of the newer Avics
  6. Advice needed from Audiophiles

    UPDATE:: Over the weekend I finished installing the system. Overall is consists of: (1) Premier F90BT (2) JL Audio ZR650.CSi (1) JL Audio 10W6v2 (1) JL Audio HD600/4 (1) JL Audio HD750/1 (1) Whip Audio 2.4F Cap
  7. Advice needed from Audiophiles

    I'm looking for some advice from the audiophiles and fellow installers here Come January, I will be ripping out my Bose speakers to put in one of 3 speakers that I have in mind, they are: JL Audio's ZR Series Polk Audio's SR Series Kicker's SS Series Has anyone heard any of these speakers? I'm not looking for the 'best' of the 3, just whatever would be best for my preference of music. I listen to mostly Metal and Rock. Here's why I have narrowed it down to these 3. Please correct me if I'm wrong with my assumptions: ZR: Since I've gotten into car audio, I always felt JL was a top notch company, where even their lower lines are still pretty good. I have not read many reviews on these (I've found 1 review on sonicelectronics and 1 on techtronics), but they both gave these speakers a 5 star rating. Also, these are JL's top of the line components, by default they have to be awesome. SR: I've always seen Polk as an okay brand, but according to articles and reviews, they stepped it up with this component set. Numerous reviews on Polkaudio.com all say the same thing, that they are mind-blowing, they take about a month to fully break in, and their crossovers are massive Some also say that these speakers are audiophile quality. SS: I already know these are not as good as the other 2 choices, but I've had 2 kicker L7's hooked up to a Hifonics 1500w mono, and they were loud. Being a metalhead, bass is a priority due to the kick drum, and if these SS's are bassy, and clear, then you can see why I'm considering them. I have researched all the brands under the sun, and the ZR's and SR's are the highest I'd go as far as price goes. If anyone can give a review of these, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks -CMIYC
  8. New Z Features

    Wow. What an upgrade, it's pretty much perfect, and the boot time was very impressive
  9. NEW UNIT (Replacement Z-series?): F10

    Looks like another WinCE based radio. Hackable???????????????
  10. Remove Navi Warning

    No. It says "we are putting this safety message on our radio so that if you hurt yourself and/or someone else because you weren't paying attention to the road, you can't sue us because we told you so", and people would try to sue. Look at the classic lawsuit against McDonalds. Some dumbass burnt herself with a McD coffee then sued them because their lids didn't say "Caution: Hot". And won IIRC

    Hey guys. Listen I hate to do this but I'm gonna have to back out of the round-up. I had to schedule a date for my physical/swear in date for the Army National Guard and the earliest day that was possible for me is the 27th of this month so, 1. JasonH 2. VBLUE42 3. Thomashohl 4. jimmy303 5. jdoggraz 6. shakedown 7. richerdk 8. JonA2B3
  12. Video Bypass in 09 Genesis?

    I have a friend who just bought the new Genesis with the navigation package. He asked me to bypass it for him so he doesn't have to put it in park to watch a movie. I'm not too keen on factory nav's so my question is, is it possible to do, and what's involved? I'm guessing it gets a signal from the transmission to allow the funtions to work when the vehicle is in Park, so it'd be safe to say that wire will be at the radio harness, but my only concern is if it uses a CAN system to send that data. Again, I can be completely wrong, I'm only guessing, but I searched and coudn't find any info on it, so maybe other installers here have more experience with this kind of thing.. Thanks in advance. -CMIYC
  13. New F-910 / 710 models on EU website

    From what they are saying (track-up in 2D, road signs), looks like iGO 8.3 to me... What was the iGo 8.3 pics that were previously posted on this forum then? I think it may have been for the leetlauncher but it had an entirely new interface, looked nothing like the F series nav now.
  14. New F-910 / 710 models on EU website

    The only map difference I see is a different color scheme, maybe a bit more cleaned up. But it doesn't look like a more updated version IMO. Either way I'm more excited to see the new Z-Series. From the homepage picture it looks like they replaced the hard buttons with more flush sleek ones, like on the 4100DVD. I wouldn't be surprised if they added built-in bluetooth to it and a USB/iPod input. A nicer resolution would be nice too
  15. New F-910 / 710 models on EU website

    Looks like they just changed the knob (still didn't change the size) and moved the Pioneer logo. the screen shots are all the same.

    Damn man, good thing you're in recovery. I had a neighbor who just got killed on his GSX-R. Stupid 17 yr old driver pulled out in front of him and he hit her in the side (collapsed diaphragm was the COD), so glad to hear you made it out. VBLUE, I asked my girl if she remembers that site, she didn't. But I found this site, http://www.customink.com that is fully customizable. What'cha think? Being that there's only 9 so far (hopefully 10 if GSXR is feeling better) I can ask about some package deal. BTW, anyone know the ETA for driving from NY to FL?

    VBlue, I'll ask my gf about the shirts. Around xmas time she had Pioneer and JL Audio shirts custom made for me from some website. I'll see if she still remembers the site. Also I'm probably going to end up driving down, if anyone needs a ride that lives on the way from NY, send me a PM to set up a car pooling thing
  18. Failed to open file: 746_32K_OM-065_32b.bmp

    Lol, still spreadin the love eh? I just downloaded the new update, the files go from 746_32K_OM-063_32.bmp to 746_32K_OM-066_32.bmp, files 64 and 65 are MIA. Aramis, do you remember if you deleted anything when installing the Launcher?
  19. LeetLauncher v3.0!!!

    F*cking scumbag. Leet, ya gotta do somethin bout that. EDITED TO ADD: On second thought, Leet, Leave it be. Think about it.. Everyone here who's shown interest in your launcher knows it's still going through beta testing and is not 100% finished. If he starts selling your Beta as a working software, he's going to get a lot of complaints, and if hes providing the cracked licensing rights for the iGo Tom Tom and Garmin maps, he's going to be in a world of hurt with copyright infringement. Let this asshole get what's coming to him and protect your finished Launcher. Send it through PM's to members upon request, or hey, even sell it. You should get something back for all your hard work.
  20. iPod with knob

    The only options you can use with the volume knob for iPod is left for previous/rewind, or right for next/fast forward. clicking up or down wont pause it or go into menu.
  21. Administration Hijack

    Very odd, I never subscribed to any threads, but I always get emails saying what threads I posted in that have responses, or if I have a PM. Jason, is that the same as subscribing?
  22. Administration Hijack

    I never got that PM, maybe it's just some dude sending at random?
  23. F90BT with PAC C2R-FRD1

    1. If the PAC has a blue/white wire on it, CONNECT THEM. If not, there's no need unless you run aftermarket amps. 2. I'm not 100% familiar with the piece itself, but don't bother with the PAC pb wire. If it's what I think it is, that wire is only meant to give you the vehicle's parking brake to connect to the radio's (non bypass method) via CAN-Bus, and if you ground that your brake indicator will always be on. Cut it, tape it, forget about it.
  24. **No longer taking requests at this time** Custom Images

    Not yet, having computer problems. Only way I can get online is at work or at my Parent's, neither computer have photoshop to do my theme.
  25. **No longer taking requests at this time** Custom Images

    RX-8 looks awesome Lonestar, Thanks a million!