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  1. I have had a F90BT installed in my 2007 Dodge Charger for several years. I never had a problem connecting my 80gb iPod Classic or my iPod Touch (model without the camera). Several months ago, it simply quit recognizing either iPod. No message appears on the in-dash display, no music plays...it's as though the iPod isn't connected. I am able to connect with an aux cable plugged into the front of the deck (and changing to AV1), but I really miss being able to use the on-screen controls and voice commands. I tried replacing the iPod interface cable, but nothing changed. Has anybody encountered a similar occurence?
  2. more MSN features on f90?

    Yes, 3.0 adds some new MSN fuctions....BUT....Pioneer missed the boat again, in my opinion. I wish they would have added the traffic speeds and doppler maps. Instead, we'll have a useless stock report and a news feed that I will not use as I typically keep my eyes on the road rather than read.
  3. 3.0 Map/Firmware update released

    I sent the following email to Pioneer: "I am the not so proud owner of an AVIC-F90BT. While I anxiously await the 3.0 firmware upgrade so hopefully the unit will perform better, I find it disgusting that in spite of all the problems these units have had and continue to have, I will need to pay $130 for the update. Pioneer should provide these updates for free to existing owners because you sold us very buggy units while claiming they were a "Premiere" product. Shame on Pioneer." I received the following reply from Pioneer today: "There will be a free update made available to AVIC F series owners that will not provide full X series functionality or updated mapping, but will correct some glitches in F series firmware, While we cannot provide more specific information at this time, please continue to check our website for more information in the coming weeks. Thank You, Mark Customer Service Representative "
  4. I am having the exact same problem. Sometimes when I start the car, no audio from any source. Turn the car off, open/close the door, start car again and everything works. Also, occassionally, my ipod audio only comes from the left side (no work around found for that yet). I have been told I may have a bad bus. Guess I need to find a shop.
  5. VR stopped working

    I have a month old F90BT. A few days ago, my voice recognition stopped working. No matter what screen I'm on, pressing the volume knob does not initiate the VR. Any ideas or suggestions? VR was a major selling point to me. Starting to wish I waited for the Kenwood DNX9140 to come out that will have VR, including for navigation.
  6. Kenwood 2009 Nav Units

    Wow. The DNX9140 sounds ultra sweet. I've had my F90BT for about a month or so. Starting to wonder if I should have waited.
  7. Custom POI Problem

    I used AVIC-FEEDS to create a small POI file with about a dozen locations. For each location, I have the long/lat, name, phone, address, and some additional notes in the description field. I copied the file to my USB drive. However, my F90BT is only displaying the names of the POIs. If I select a POI from this file, I am shown a blank screen (no map) and no option to create a route. Has anybody else run into this problem?
  8. No sound after boot - intermittent

    I don't think it's a loose wire because when it happens, I can turn the car off and on and get the sound back, without even moving. So it's not like a wire gets jarred back into place to get the sound. I'll have the pro check it out next week. Might just be a bad harness.
  9. Ipod Album Artwork..

    Sounds reasonable, Diane. All I know is that with my Classic, my artwork is flawless, whether it's the thumbnail or the larger view. More than likely, I would think this may be a case of garbage in/garbage out. Unless of course the touches and phones are trashing the graphics.
  10. No sound after boot - intermittent

    Haven't resolved it yet. I spoke to the company that did my install for me and they think there may be an issue with the Metra wire harness they used. When I find the time, I need to make an appointment with them to get it checked out next week. Does anybody out there know if I would have better results with a PAC harness? Any suggestions?
  11. Ipod Album Artwork..

    I've got an 80Gb Classic and have no problems at all with the artwork. 99% of my artwork was obtained from either allmusic.com or Rhapsody.
  12. Question about Bluetooth call clarity on F90BT?

    Works flawlessy for me. Sound level and quality are fine.
  13. Videos on USB

    A simple search of the manual reveals the answer that you seek. Per the manual, the USB file system supports is FAT16 and FAT32.
  14. How do i get the savings?

    My suggestion would be to buy a F90BT from 6th Avenue Electronics via amazon.com (currently $640). Bear in mind that amazon has a cheaper price ($10 less) through another retailer but 6th ave is an authorized Pioneer dealer so the 2 year warantee stays intact. I got mine 3 or 4 weeks ago for $627 and it arrived in 3 days time (free shipping too). Ordered on a Sunday, in my hands on Wednesday. At $640, it's still a great deal imho.
  15. I have an 80Gb iPod with many tracks of different artists that have the same album name. When I use the iPod voice commands for Album selection, it seems to work every time if the album name is unique. However, something like "Play the Album X" with the intent of getting the latest Trace Adkins album gets me Def Leppard's album because both artists have an album named "X". (Can't even think of using Play the album Greatest Hits). Is there a way to string together voice commands for Artist and Album? I've tried many times with no success. Has anybody found a way to get the iPod voice commands for Album selection to work the way I am trying?