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  1. bypass avh-1300nex

    any luck bypassing 1300nex without electric/auto bypass module installed? works with common switch but wasnt sure if diybypass or other is recommended. Thanks
  2. AVIC-X850BT bypass

    This post is to bypass the parking brake input needed to control certain functions. If you want to bypass your unit then ground the parking brake wire and follow the instructions at the beginning of the post.
  3. Thanks for all the info. Worked on my 920 that had 3.0 already installed. I needed to change the two files on the first post. All is good. My favorite thing about the update is that I now have current XM channel logos. Its been a few years since I've had them all correct. Thanks again
  4. AVIC-X850BT bypass

    Just letting you all know. To bypass the new AVIC-X850BT. Simply ground the slot next to the mute wire. You can move the mute wire over or just insert a skinny wire into the empty slot and make sure its tight and wont work itself loose over time. also ground the original light green parking brake wire. See the picture where a light green wire is inserted. This is the spot. Jeff Total Auto Protection Miami, FL.
  5. I have the same problem. Are you using an antenna adapter, like 40-CR10 or 40-GM10? I've seen this on many Pioneers we install to VW, Dodge, GM, Smarts, Mercedes. I am using the BT audio to stream my AM stations in my local area. Cant believe this radio and other nav radios from Pioneer have terrible AM reception. Also seen it in older Fords that didnt need an adapter.
  6. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    worked great. love the new update. before, i became complacent with the f series. System runs quicker. now with 3.0, i love it. 2d heads up works great. msn signal comes in 5x better for some reason. Good job and thanks!
  7. AVIC-X910BT

    just got the two new units in our shop. no major changes. However we just installed the AVIC-X710BT. Seems that the bootup time is a little quicker. Now have heading up in 2D mode. Touch screen beep is not annoying anymore. Better .wav file for that beep Touch screen is very responsive and fast. Nice upgrade. could be better processor inside. XM logos are all there now. After the merger, most icons were missing and replaced with generic sat image. Now you can see all the logos for all channels. Bypass works the same for hardwire as the F series. Havent tried the X910BT yet, but I'm assuming the same updates have taken place. If anyone is having trouble getting these or needs them in South Florida. Let me know. We have them in stock now. Jeff Total Auto Protection 11800 SW 144 Court #5 Miami, FL 33186 305-232-0100 sales@totalautoprotection.com
  8. Front AV input hack

    Anyone take apart the F series and solder AV RCA's to the inside of the unit? I've removed the face by removing 4 small screws and the face lifted off. I've soldered my RCA input wires to the back of the front AV input. This way there is no wire hanging out the front for my second input. I've managed well, but when putting it back together the small ribbon cable is tough to line up and reinsert. The ribbon cable controls all of the left hand buttons and illumination including volume control. Anyone do this yet and have a better way to take apart and reassemble? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Solder front AV2 input

    Did some searching and couldnt find any links to modifing the Front AV2 input internally by way of soldering and running the RCA's out the back. This way eliminating the wire in front when using this input. I've already used switching RCA's/relays with the ipod cable input, but dont like turning off the ipod setting to av1. Spoke to Pioneer tech on the phone and he told me he has personally done this to his F series. I'm sure I can do it and will post pics when I do, but just wanted to check with you all first and see if there are any leads or pics. Jeff Miami, FL
  10. firmware 2.1 on 1st gen ipod touch

    I'm having the same issue with my 1st gen itouch and just upgraded to 2.1 and still having the same issue. However I can still use it for audio only via the same CDIU230V cable and change the input from ipod to ext1. Waiting for some type of solution.
  11. We are also a Pioneer dealer. Anyone having trouble getting 700's or 900's shipped to them, pm us and we will set up a quote at or below what you are seeing. Each address will have different shipping rates, so please pm us your shipping address and we will get you a quote. Supply is limited so hang in there... If you want to get an idea, go to DHLusa.com and figure shipping from zip code 33186 in Miami, FL. Jeff www.totalautoprotection.com www.smartgpspro.com sales@totalautoprotection.com
  12. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    how much are u selling it forr?? Just pm me, since they are slowly coming in 2-3 at a time, I dont want to create a false impression about availability and/or cost. Also I need to calculate shipping for each buyer, so include shipping zip or Canadian postal code when inquiring. We use DHL and ship from zip 33186 so you can get an idea on shipping costs. Thanks, Jeff www.totalautoprotection.com www.smartgpspro.com
  13. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    By the way. After bypass is done, you dont get the friggin Parking Break Error message. Yahoooooooo! All functions work while in motion, bluetooth dialing, gps adjustments, etc. as if you were stopped with the parking brake engaged. By the way, I am a Pioneer dealer and can ship anywhere in US and Canada for the 700 and 900 units. thanks, Have only a few in stock so far...
  14. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    Way to go Chris! Kudos! Tried the bypass by inserting ground on 4th pin between two black wires and grounded the parking brake wire. I drove the 20 minute way home with movie off of SD card. No problems. Looks like its the real deal.
  15. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    Thanks chris! I'll try it tomorrow and post back to confirm it works in another unit. AVIC-F700BT