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  1. GPS Favorite backup from firmware v2 to v3 ???

    This is because your favorites.dat got overwritten with the upgrade, so there are no favorites saved. As explained, you need to take the favorites.dat file from your backup (you DID make a backup, right?) and copy it to the /user/userdata/save folder in MY Flash Disk. -Eric
  2. Removing the backup camera warning message

    Here's a RAR file containing both the Av.exe and Video.exe files. These files are ones I edited myself from the 3.0 update currently installed on my F700. I do NOT know if they will work on other models (but they should) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILES IN CASE YOU NEED TO RESTORE! Unrar them (use WinRAR) and place both on your SD card (along with the testmode folder) Boot with the SD card and copy both files to the APL directory on My Flash Disk Remove SD card and reboot Many thanks to Tomi B. for discovering this, and Easty for finding the duplicate in Video.exe!... -Eric Av_Video.rar
  3. I listen to a ton of podcasts, etc. and I was annoyed with this too (see THIS post). Never mind the fact that it also starts at the beginning of the track every time you restart the car!... I don't think this has been resolved (yet). My solution was to just burn my podcasts to CD/RWs. MP3s play fine on CD, and it remembers where it left off when you restart the car. FFW/REW are also quite a bit faster, although I wouldn't mind them being even faster... -Eric
  4. Let the Avic don't bable as much

    I played around with this a while ago. I haven't pursued it lately, but you can read my findings the second post by me (dericn) in THIS THREAD (about two-thirds of the way down the page). Please let us know if you make any headway!... -Eric
  5. Multiple camera input????? HELP HELP

    A little late with my reply, but I just stumbled across this item: http://www.vidswitch.com/ This will let you use the F90s rearview camera input with his existing cameras. A bit pricey, but RV owners tend to have deep pockets... -Eric
  6. "Caution: screen image may appear reversed" at the top means that the rear camera is selected. Since you don't recognize this screen, you probably don't have a rear-view camera installed. The reverse wire is somehow connecting to ground (or 12V, depending on the setting). Check the violet/white wire. -Eric
  7. Great work, Vandal!... I just dropped them into my F700 tonight, and all is well. I personally think they look even better than the originals!... My only (very minor) issue is with the XM55 logo. There isn't enough contrast with the gray background, so it's hard to make out the green "Margaritaville" text... -Eric
  8. How do i make this work????

    Then I think the mute wire method would be simple for him. There's a step-by-step guide (with pictures!) in THIS thread. -Eric
  9. How to make a backup

    I'll save some searching. I originally posted it HERE -Eric
  10. Changing the fonts/colors thread-PICS

    http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 584#111584 -Eric
  11. Those slider are for the nav voice volume, which CAN be speed dependant (and works very well). What Giessen is looking for is speed dependant AUDIO. Wish I could offer a solution, but I'm sure our resident hacking crew will figure it out eventually!... -Eric
  12. Importing / Saving POIs directly into the Nav Unit

    Just a guess, but the _con might simply be the contact number associated with the POI. Many POIs have a telephone number listed. There may be a separate file that references the first field (#) to match up the phone number with the POI. -Eric
  13. Car Heading in Degrees?

    It's probably 0 to 4096 (2^11). Any chance that you can do math in a script? Multiplying the 0 to 4096 value by 0.087890625 will give you the 0 to 360 you want. -Eric
  14. Alternate routes - newbie question

    You CAN avoid roads and maneuvers. See this thread... http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16201 -Eric
  15. Why is this board still here?

    Maybe it could just be renamed to "Released in June"... -Eric