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  1. More research, answered my own question. Despite info to the contrary from a couple of sites (including Crutchfield, who is always on top of this stuff), PAC has instructions for how to use the SWI-PS in this vehicle. ... cles&ID=78
  2. I am considering moving my F700BT from my 2008 VW Passat to my 2004 Chevy Suburban. The Suburban is the "LT" model with the Bose/XM/Onstar/etc with all the bells & whistles. I want to make sure that I will still be able to use the steering wheel controls. I have a PAC SWI-PS unit in the VW, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with the Suburban. So how do I maintain steering wheel controls with my AVIC in the Chevy? I am also aware of the Metra VT-GMOS-04, which appears to be necessary to maintain a lot of the GM radio functions including the warning chimes and Onstar ... it's just not clear if that buys me anything with respect to the steering wheel controls. Thanks!
  3. My new 3.0 impressions

    This link does not seem to work anymore. Is anyone willing to send the files to me, or host them elsewhere? Thanks!
  4. Daylight Savings Time - no update?

    Same issue here. My guess is that the software doesn't have the new (2007) daylight saving time. In 3 weeks, it'll probably start working right ... that's when daylight saving time used to start prior to 2007. Just yet another example of software that's not ready for prime time.
  5. Another F-series boot time question

    Yeah, 2 SLOW button presses if you are already on a audio screen, or three if you are on a nav screen. After a while, you miss the quick press of a real button on a factory radio. You'd think so, but ... nope. When a call is active, the only things you can do are hang up or change the speaker volume. That's it. But if you have the actual handset do something else (in my case, I can switch it from bluetooth to the handset and back to bluetooth), then the AVIC returns to its previous mode, but the call stays active. It also does this if I receive another call while the first call is active. Of course at that point I can't use the AVIC to hang up the call, but I can still use the handset for that. Or I can let the other side of the call disconnect.
  6. Another F-series boot time question

    I wouldn't buy it again. The boot time isn't the issue; I've gotten used to that. It's a little annoying that I have to wait so long to change the music source, but assuming that I like what's on when it starts up, I'm okay. I mostly listen to AM/FM and the previously-selected station starts playing very quickly. It's all of the niggling little other bugs that drive me batty. The music app (that is my #1 use of this thing, being used 100% of the time I'm in the car) is just plain slow and hard to use. Button presses aren't responsive enough, and just to change the source from AM to FM takes way too many "button presses." The phone app, my #2 requirement -- lousy sound quality, it takes over the screen when a call is active (although I've figured out a workaround to be able to use both the map and the phone at the same time), and voice activation doesn't work well ... just not a "win." It's functional but lousy. Navigation, my #3 requirement -- lots of drawing bugs, etc. People here have figured out how to fix some of these and I've done some of those fixes. But I just shouldn't have to. And even in that app, way too many button clicks required to do simple things. If I want to go to somewhere in my history list, I have to click way too many times. If I click a destination, it should just go there, not require two more clicks after I select it!
  7. Navigation Limitation

    I actually really like "north up." Always have, it's the mode I've used on all of my nav systems. I don't like the whole thing rotating for just slight turns. Yuck.
  8. New Update Soon

    He probably meant 10% faster (in other words, not particularly noticeable.) I'm hopeful but pessimistic.
  9. Bought a new AVIC-F900, interesting note

    Ever hear of the lawsuit involving a winnebago? This woman bought a winnebago, and while she was on the highway, she put the bago on cruise control, and left the driver's seat to go in the back to make herself a sandwich. The bago went off the road and flipped over several times...you'd think it'd be her own fault? wrong.. Not only was she awarded a new winnebago, but also 1.75 MILLION DOLLARS, because the manual didn't say you cannot actually leave the seat while on cruise control...if people can pull off lawsuits like that, I'm sure Pioneer can be sued for not having a safety lock on their units. And if were Gremlins that did it, well you shoulnt've fed them after midnight I assume that last sentence means you know this already, but just in case someone else believes you ... This is an urban legend, never happened. Two links: http://articles.latimes.com/2005/aug/14 ... ortmyths14 http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/cruise.asp
  10. Phew, thanks! I'm glad there's a way, awkward as it is. Never would have occurred to me.
  11. does the f series have a speedometer

    Actually, there is one out of the box. It's on the screen that shows the satellite signal strength, as I recall.
  12. So if I clean out my address book on the iPhone (or on the computer and then sync to the iPhone), can I make it work? Seems crazy that I have to do the edit in the Pioneer copy to make it work, then I'd just have to do it after the next time I sync to the F. Would like to do it just once ...
  13. Tuner changes frequency

    Do you have an external remote or steering wheel controls hooked up? I think something in the steering wheel control box (probably an SWI-PS) is getting confused by some message on your CAN-bus. It was probably programmed incorrectly. Take it back to your installer if you had it professionally done and have them re-program that part of the system (it's external to the F-series.)
  14. Entering Windows Failure

    That's because the double-click speed is set very slow. Just slowly press twice, doing it too quickly will register as a single click.
  15. I've got an F700, no MSN direct (and I'd be too cheap to pay for a subscription anyway.)