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  1. Should I be hearing static?

    do you have an EQ? if you do, turn the volume down a little bit. do you have amps? turn down the gains a little bit and see if that does anything. obviously if you have the volume turned all the way up, that sound's gonna be there, because of the volume you're trying to push. but if it's at low volume, then it's almost gotta be one of those two... unless it's something i don't know, which is possible haha
  2. No power...Nothings Working

    most likely it's a fuse. a lot of times its not even a typical fuse, so check them all. i've done it 3 times i think haha
  3. How many of you enjoy/love your F-series?

    i thoroughly enjoy me. i was even offered a trade for the Z2, and turned it down. the interface is the best part. and if you do some mods, it can be even better... more personalization
  4. Possible TV

    you answered your own question. you put it into an output... instead of an input... if you have an iPod: you have to get an AV splitter... or 3 separate Y cables, and connect everything that way... when you want to listen to the iPod you have to switch it every time on your unit. if you don't: just connect it to AV1...
  5. Static sound on 0 volume?

    yes sir
  6. +the ipod cable ps do some research (look around) before asking.
  7. Is it possible to use iPod without the RCA connection??

    not with USB only. you can use, like, a 3.5 - 3.5mm plug, for say the front input, but that's all
  8. custom theme f900bt

    i mean, you can do like, a cool splash screen, or change what's inside the ipod circle, or something... you gotta get creative or look at what other people on the forum have done
  9. 700bt will not come on in morning

    get a remote starter and warm that piece up before you leave...
  10. custom theme f900bt

    anything can be done for a price... what do you want?
  11. hey i've been looking around for a while now, and can't find a quality set of directions on fixing the f900 and its reboot problem, anything i have found is in broken english, which pisses me off. but can somebody post a guide, and necessary files, to fix the 900? i have the testmode stuff, just need whatever else...
  12. Do you guys miss having a remote??

    YES... i'd LOVE a remote. even if it just had volume, next/prev track, and up/down for artists
  13. alright everybody, lets see if we can figure THIS one out... i posted yesterday about my F900 not booting up... i have basic mods, hardware bypass. it was working fine, then it rebooted when using SD, with no route or anything. i switched to FM, thinking something was wrong with my SD, and it rebooted again soon after. then it wouldn't boot at all... splash, blank, splash, blank, etc. i tried all reset methods. button alone, MENU + MAP. then i tried EJECT and reset button, and it worked, it was fully functional. i turned it off and it wouldn't boot again. so now i have to use eject + reset button every time i get into my car. i tried to reload my flash disk with SD but it won't read it (i get no windows screen)... can we collectively figure something out besides throwing this thing out my window and watching it break? i just want it to work correctly, and really really really don't want to send it out. the install took forever to make it look like I wanted it to, and don't want to have to buy LOC's to run my amps off factory for the time being.
  14. I am Sofa King not impressed

    you're a tool... i hope you never post again, and if you do, don't use $'s in place of S's... its from 3rd, possibly 4th grade.
  15. f900bt rebooting continiously

    add me to the list... i have a 900, with some basic mods, never had a problem before... driving home, playing FM radio (actually switching from SD to FM and back), and it rebooted. then music played again, now it wont boot at all... i get my splash screen, then it turns off, and repeats. i tried using the reset button, and holding MENU and MAP, and doing a reset that way, neither works. tried taking out the SD, still nothing. what to do? what should i try first?