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  1. Iheartradio in Carplay

    strange as it is listed on the Carplay page
  2. AVICSync app

    yes link please.
  3. Iheartradio in Carplay

    Is anyone using iHeartradio with Carplay? i have both mobile and standard apps installed and nothing is showing up.
  4. AVICSync app

    anyone heard the status update for Avicsync?
  5. Pioneer Announcement: Nothing Works with IOS 8

    i have been say this a long time. this is a disaster that Pioneer should of been on top of. instead they left their decks lacking advertised features with a good amount of bugs to focus selling decks with software they had no control of. this will be the last pioneer product i buy!
  6. NEX AutoEQ vs Alpine Imprint?

    imaging and EQ are two completely different things. The nex series does have some imagining like settings that will adjust where phantom center sits and probably has a exciter built in to add a little width in the highs but that is all. there is also Auto EQ which can adjust timing among other EQ related things.
  7. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    another feature that was advertised and not really there!
  8. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    crying... no! i just think your DEAD WRONG!!! "coming soon" was not listed on the site i purchased from. nor did pioneers site have any disclaimers when the NEX pages went live and i was doing research. in addition i watched a ton of demos where those features were highlighted. regardless you don't advertise features that don't work. you certainly don't go highlight those things on product boxes until they work. your thinking of just because pioneer says "coming soon" it ok and pioneer bares no responsibility because they put up a disclaimer after units were sold is seriously flawed!
  9. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    It actually is false advertising when something is listed on a box but buried in a manual states future release. It falls under the "bait and switch" law. this gets some companies in trouble but most get by without a issue. a example would be a advertisement that states quantity or weight a certain price on a item. when you go to buy the item if the quantity or weight is less then advertised at the same price it is "bait and switch" and false advertising. you can substitute a item in its place but it has to be of equal or greater value then the advertised item. that is advertising 101 and i thought common knowledge.
  10. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    it sounds you really want carplay. i think it cool but i want my deck to work as advertised! i have had the deck installed for a few months. i purchased it because of features that were on the box but no where to found. Pioneer mislead its customers and now Pioneer is using carplay as a vehicle to sell units! with advertising that makes think it has all these great feature but it doesn't! not even Carplay which Apple could decide it needs another 6 months before its ready. early summer release day to xmas 2014.... we will still be waiting!!!!
  11. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    if that is the case... strip carplay from the update and give the customers their bug fixes and features!
  12. Pioneer UK tweeted regarding CarPlay update

    " Their best guess " really this is what it has come to? Totally & Fully BS. what happened to early summer....
  13. GIGANTIC 512GB HP USB Flash Drive

    so i purchased a very similar HP flash drive a few months ago. disk utility reported more then 512mb. i thought that was very odd. i used the drive for a bit and it became unstable. slow read and write speeds. then finally it just wouldn't mount, the drive had failed. i did a little research and found out flash drives are heavily counterfeit. luck for me the seller gave me a full refund. i now will never purchase a flash drive from ebay as none can be trusted. i would make sure you don't have any important files on their and back it up!
  14. Avicsync

    your essentially saying your ok with advertising features on product your selling to your customers and not delivering. This was a illegal sales tactic in the US. its called bait and switch, look it up! there is no way you can argue your way out of that. this isn't about carplay this is about making customers whole on their purchases. which Pioneer seems to think it is more important to focus on new features rather then getting people what they paid for in a timely fashion. there is truly no way to argue around this.
  15. Avicsync

    which makes it worse because. it says the company doesn't communicate with the support staff.