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  1. Fixing The Black-Screen Boot-Up Problem.

    matt1212, that fix didn't work for me. I have no back up camera, and the reverse wire isn't hooked up. I pulled the unit out, removed the yellow wire [by-pass] and hooked it up properly, and it never fixed anything. Pushing the buttons made no sound, and did not keep the screen on. What I did, worked for me. Mines fixed, so I'm glad.
  2. Help regarding the F90BT

    Just unclip it and see if it cut through. I know once I snap mine closed, I always use a pair of needle-nose pliers to press it close just to make sure. That will fix that. Hope you enjoy your AVIC.
  3. Alright, so I finally got my Avic-F90BT to boot back up and back to normal. I had the problem that a lot of other people have been having lately, and that problem is the one where the unit boots to the splash screen, goes black, and the illumi-buttons go off. Then it re-boots and does that over and over again. Here is a simple, anti-fancy guide as to how I fixed my problem. **[WARNING]. Step-by-step: 1] Copy the firmware 2.0 update to your SD card, as if you had an old firmware version and you were updating it to the 2.0 version. All this does is stabilizes the unit and keeps the screen lit-up allowing you to enter test-mode. [Download can be found here 2a] Pop your SD card back into your computer, delete the 2.0 update, and copy testmode onto your SD card. [A guide to using testmode can be found here 2b] Copy a back up copy of myflashdisk to that same sd card. NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT VERSION OF THE FILES. (i.e., if you have a F90BT...only the F90BT files will work, F900BT on the F900BT, and the F700BT on the F700BT. That was my problem on getting mine fixed) --F90BT Back-up files can be found here --F900BT [anyone have a link to these files???] --F700BT [anyone have a link to these files???] 3a] Now that you have your appropriate back-up files and the testmode files on your sd card, put the sd card in your AVIC, and start your car. Go into testmode like you always have, and first and for most...make sure ALL the back-up files are on your SD card. [i take no responsibility if they are not and your mess your unit up] 3b] Open "myflashdisk" inside the file explorer on your AVIC, click Edit>Options, and uncheck all 3 of those boxes allowing all files to be seen. Hit ok. No Click Edit>Select All, then click File>Delete. Click "yes to all" if it pops up, and allow it to delete all files. This can take a few minutes. After this is finished, ensure there is no files left in "myflashdisk". If there is, delete them one by one til they are all gone. 4] Go back a screen, and open your SD card. Move the "Testmode" and the "MiTACAP" folders out of the way by click and dragging them, and select all the other files. Click Edit>Copy. Go back, and open "myflashdisk" once again. Click Edit>Paste. Allow all those files to copy over, which can take 10+ minutes. 5] Once that is done copying over, Ensure there is the same amount of files/folders in "myflashdrive", as there is on your sd card [there should be 2 additional folders on your sd card, those are your testmode folders]. close File explorer just to ensure all is done. 6] Turn your car off, remove the sd card, start the car back up. Your AVIC should boot-up like the day you had it installed. You will loose your contacts, saved info, and all that...but you have a working $600-1000 radio again. **[WARNING]. If you have any questions, problems, comments, whatever...post and I will see what I can do. Thanks.
  4. IMO, the problem being the hardwire bypass is BS. Why would it take 6 months for this unit to catch up and realize it is bypassed? Computers are capable of computing things very fast, and it would find a problem almost instantly if that was the problem. Let alone, why else would it be called a by-pass? Anyway, update on mine. I got mine fixed, doctored up, and back to normal. Plus a few mods, and still running stable. Still no idea why mine pooped out on me, but basically to get it fixed what you need to do is first try to update to firmware 2.0, even if you already have that. This will make it stable and stay on, but not load up. Now, boot into testmode, ensuring that you have all the back -up files also on that same SD card. Open myflashdisk, go to options and uncheck all 3 boxes to ensure that all files are shown. Edit>select all>file>delete. Go back to your sd card, copy all the system files, paste them back in myflashdisk. Simple fix, aye? I did it once but it didn't work. I got the system startup screen, but it kept rebooting. Reason why is that I COPIED THE WRONG VERSION TO MYFLASHDISK. I have the F90BT, and I copied the F900BT files, and that did not work. Minifreezer's upload is the F90bt, and that is what I used/needed. Ever since I copied those, it's working just fine. Even threw on ill.die.trying's mods, and it works great. set my settings back up, copied my contacts back [even though my bluetooth pairing was still in the AVIC, which I thought was strange]. and it's working like the day I got it.
  5. JohnnyThunder, you said exactly where I am at. i don't want to send it to Pioneer, and I am downloading Minifreezer's files as well.
  6. I have gotten mine to boot up, but it shows the system startup in progress...please wait, screen and that doesnt go away. I can listen to the radio or cd with no problem, but will eventually reboot. I deleted those gpspara files, to no avail that did not work for me. I have a copy of myfashdisk I downloaded off of someone, but not sure if it was for the f90bt, so I will downloads gsxr and copy those over and see how that goes.
  7. Back-Up Files

    how did you fix yours????
  8. Turning OFF the AVIC while moving

    Actually, that is what I do. Say I get in the car in the morning, ipod isn't working for whatever reason...wait til I'm going 15-30MPH, put car in neutral, turn key off, wait a sec, then restart my car, put in drive and go. I wouldn't personally do this going faster than 30MPH, and would recommenced doing it at a stop sign/light. I also keep that little stylus in my car, and will press the reset button and let off [not hold it for 5 seconds] and that never seemed to do anything other than restart the Avic. All my contacts, settings, etc, etc stayed the same.
  9. Back-Up Files

    Oh I know, I am not nieve. I actually called back and talked to someone else and asked specifically what an "AMMP session" is, and he said it was something in the software, and I asked what if it cannot create AMMP session on start up, and he said that a file some where is corrupt...and he pulled the whole, send it in. He was a jerk...plain and simple. Anyway...I have tried something else...I had 2 sd cards, each 2g. On one was test mode plus the entire myflashdisk back up, on the other was the 2.0 firmware update. booted into testmode, deleted everything in myflashdisk, copied my files/folders from my sd card one by one. after that, still in WinCE, pulled out that sd and put in the other with the update, copied those files manually into myflashdisk. removed that sd, held reset and eject buttons at the same time for 10 secs. Unit booted up, no more AMMP session error...gets to main screen where it shows system start up in progress, but that doesn't go away. Can click on av, play ipod [even though AV is not set right in settings, I know its playing], played cd's and heard the music...map won't come up because when I click ok on the warning screen, warning screen doesn't go away. So I am going to retry updating 2.0 firmware the way it was supposed to and see how that goes. Any other ideas/suggestions? Anyone know where I can get the myflashdisk files online with the 2.0 already installed? [as in a 2.0 firmware version back up], or even a back up without 2.0 [such as 1.019 so I can back up to that then update]. I will get my unit working...Evidently, one of my back up files is messed up or something is wrong...but I am making progress.
  10. Back-Up Files

    So I called Pioneer Tech Support...described my problem and the first thing the guy says is, "Do you have the parking break bypassed? That sound's exactly like what happens." I said, "I do, but the unit has worked flawlessly for several months, never even a hiccup." and he says, "Well it can work right for a while, but the AMMP Session...[blah blah, something to do with hardwire bypass]" So I guess my next step is to pull that yellow wire out and see if it boots up. If so, replace the wire and see if it will work for another couple of months. Or, do the software mod. Will post an update once I have one.
  11. This is absolutely impossible... Just a thought. I mean, several people having the exact same symptoms around the same time? Don't you think that's kinda odd?
  12. Back-Up Files

    Well, I loaded up the 2.0 update files to an SD card, but getting that AMMP session error, it will not boot up and try to update the firmware. I'm not really sure what else to try... Anyone know if I can actually delete whats on myflashdisk [once booted into test mode] and then copy whats on my sd card to myflashdisk all in the same session? I was afraid to try that, I don't see why it wouldn't work, but I was just being cautious.
  13. Back-Up Files

    Any ideas on what an AMMP session is or why it failed to create one?
  14. Yeah...it's so odd to me that so many people are having the EXACT same problem happen all of a sudden, this week. Something has changed with our units...and my bet is they are trying to do an OTA [over-the-air] update through the GPS antenna, if that's possible. I'm gonna call tech support tomorrow and see what they have to say, and I will get them to tell me how to fix it because I am not pulling this unit out and boxing it up and sending it to them. I refuse.
  15. My unit has done this exact same thing! I first noticed a few days ago that when I turn on my park lights, it dims the screen. NEVER done that before...but randomly did then, and I changed the settings so it was 10 on no lights, and park/head lights on. Next morning, started car and splash screen came up and then it goes black...button illumination goes off as well. Been two days since it has worked right, and I am still trying to get it fixed. What I had done so far is re-upload the 2.0 Firmware [http] and then it was freezing on splash screen, but the screen came on. I then booted into test mode, copied all my back up files restoring all the files to factory original 2.0...then the unit tries to boot up. Now on the splash screen I get a pop up message sayings something about "failed to create AMMP session" and I hit ok. I have no idea what that is about, but the unit will boot up to main menu, show the system startup...please wait dialog and that never goes away. Some buttons work, but then the unit restarts. I have no idea where to go from here, but I am going to call pioneer tomorrow. I refuse to send my unit it, and I will fix it myself. You and I are only 2 of the people having this problem, and I don't understand why so many are having this problem. I am starting to think Pioneer has maybe tried updating something in the unit via GPS antenna? Is this possible for them to do? If so...it's fucked our units up.