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  1. avic 130 vs AVH-4201NEX

    All this and no answer to original question. Lol.
  2. avic 130 vs AVH-4201NEX

    I use to work for a company called soundwaves. They went out of business back in 06. Now I have a couple of friends that still have shops in the Dayton area that are authorized dealers.
  3. avic 130 vs AVH-4201NEX

    This is from an actual shop. Def not best buy.
  4. avic 130 vs AVH-4201NEX

    Is the rebate hard to get? I am getting from an authorized dealer, just use to work with them And getting a good price.
  5. avic 130 vs AVH-4201NEX

    I have been running a avic 130 since it came out. I just upgraded the maps to 2015 i think version 8. something with the help from this site. I have a chance to get a 4201 at a decent deal, $500 new plus will get the rebate back of $100 making it out of pocket $400. I have been out of the business for about 10 years now, would this be a good upgrade? I understand I will use my phone to connect for the navi portion. I do not use head unit power, i have a 5 channel amp for that. Just wondering if it would be worth it to change out to a new unit.
  6. BT MIC issues for BT calls - asking for a sticky

    i know this would be kind of silly, but if the bluetooth doesnt work well in the 130bt, could i use my old bluetooth adapter that i had on my avic-d3. That thing seems to work flawlessly. i cant remember the pioneer model number but it was the add on bluetooth available at the time.
  7. does the d3 not charge the nano chromatics?

    sorry, not up to date on these new ipod names. do you have links to these adapters? so this will let my d3 charge it?
  8. Unregistering a phone

    i dont think you can unregister the old phone, it will just bump it down a spot when you register a new one. choose a different name
  9. Hardwire F500 (no cig. lighter)

    you could go get an external cig lighter insert and put it behind your dash and just wire it up to the radio wires for power. then run the cig plug from you unit to it and plug it in behind the dash. that way you dont have to modify anything and it will cost you about $5.
  10. Avic-D3 Bypass No DVD Pic

    maybe you didnt get the wire seated in the new position all the way
  11. East Coast Disc

    where are you located, it may be easier if someone here lived near you to help you out
  12. HELP.. D3 Password

    wow that was great!

    go here http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... sh/AVIC-D3 and click on documents and you can download the manual
  14. Who can vouch for the Sosche Passport?

    so is this what we need to charge our new ipods, like the nano chromatic with the d3?
  15. does the d3 not charge the nano chromatics?

    i have a newer chromatic, i have no idea what generation it is but it is not listed under that piece of being compatable