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  1. I'd rather the thieving scumbags were struck dead by a bolt of lightning as soon as they touched a prospective target car.
  2. Yep you're correct, but a lot of the screen real estate still looks Pioneer original to me.
  3. Start with sorting the parking brake hack. Then have a good look through the Completed Mods / Themes section and see what interests you, read up on it and take it from there...
  4. I remember plenty of stuff regarding this - try the search button
  5. Hmm.... are you sure that's a mod and not the original Pioneer?
  6. I did tons of stuff - better fonts, new/custom buttons, alterations to wording/spacings/layouts, some custom screens and menus... Gave it all up 2 years ago as I had spent way too much time on it and my head was mashed. Decided a couple of days ago that I'm going to do some more stuff that I put off. Now it's a case of getting all my files together from various drives/cards and figuring out again how it's all done.
  7. Berated? Don't be silly. Just my opinion on what I see, that's all. Diaftias mod is also very good and it was one of the early ones from the days when this forum was buzzing with people contributing all kinds of stuff. Then Stans mod came along and I've been using my own hybrid based on his mod ever since.
  8. Stanislavovichs' Mod is almost certainly the best that has been done for the Avic. These other mods have no visual finesse - a mix of fonts, some garish, some at times unreadable, and icons/symbols that have been culled from various sources and have no common theme or fluidity. And way too many toys/gimmicks that, if played with whilst driving, would cause even more unneccessary accidents.They each have certainly taken up lots of time but I see the end results and think even the stock version is better.
  9. It's the speed limit of that particular camera. Your speedometer will tell you the speed of your car.
  10. He asked here, the correct forum...
  11. Looks like this work has somewhat dried up, and after getting off to such a good start too...
  12. - ...why is there no RDS(radio data system) information listed? There is no embedded RDS decoder. - ...I would love to have TMC. TMC comes with EU models. US models have MSN.
  13. Yeah, you got ripped pal - I have two 500's, both have ALL the leads needed for connecting the cradle and the amp, they come supplied in the box.
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