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  1. Question about AVIC FEEDs.

    Do you have a F series? If so, it looks like it doesn't matter what kind of phone you have. 'Free AVIC FEEDS app for Apple iPhone, available through iTunes Compatible with AVIC-Z110BT and AVIC-U310BT Available through Apple iTunes App Store Free!"
  2. Password Generator Site Down?

    Me too.
  3. Great job, thanks. I finally now know why I couldn't add some channels (the station id isn't necessarily the channel #). BTW, for the "F" series, I've attached a modified version of your IMAGETBL.DAT file that also displays the category logos properly (2 new logos included for "Best of SIRIUS" and "Holiday"). Tom F Series UpdatedUpdate.zip
  4. I'm using vol up, vol down, mute and source. Only mute doesn't work consistently. Sometimes it mutes, sometimes not. It seems to unmute OK though.
  5. I know the above is true for our various Avic units and this doesn't help the current discussion but I also have a Pioneer Inno and somehow all the channels now have the proper logos. It hasn't been connected to a computer in over 2 years. I have aboutely no clue how that could be possible without some over-the-air data transfer. Too bad Pioneer didn't use the same update method for the Avic. Tom
  6. I also don't have the complete answer but I have changed some logos/channels but not others so the offset might be the problem. I think the only ones I've been successful with are ones that were already in the file. I haven't figured out how to add new ones. For example, channel 54 had an entry, then there are 100 null bytes, then channel 60 has an entry. The spacing is correct (5 channels * 20 bytes each = 100 bytes) but adding channels following the same format as the others doesn't work. The 3rd byte (which I thought was the channel number) may be the key (but I haven't figured out how to unlock the door':D') I agree that the channel spelling and character count (2nd byte) has to be correct for the channels but that doesn't seem to be the case for the categories. For "Family& Health" I just put in "Family" with a "06" in the 2nd byte. I now have category logos displaying for all categories. In some cases I used the same existing logo (the Jukebox for "Pop" & "More Music" and the cross for "Christian" & "Religion"). For "Best of Sirius" & "Holiday" I made new logos. Tom
  7. F-Series XM Modding/Icons

    As a test I successfully added new logos to my F900 for channels 24 & 161 by changing the channel name text, changing the second byte to the new character count and placing new logos in their respective folders (with the same name as the original logos). I was then going to add a logo for channel 100 and ran into an issue so now I'm not sure what the 3rd byte represents (in most cases it agrees with the channel number). Look at "Air Musique"... It's logo pointer is dec 100 (hex 64), the third byte is dec 100 but the actual channel number is dec 96. Does anyone know for certain what is the structure of the IMAGETBL.DAT file? At least with the F series vs the D series we don't have to edit an iso file and burn a DVD to test changes Tom
  8. F-Series XM Modding/Icons

    This may (or may not if it's already been covered elsewhere ) help... I had made changes to some logos on my D1 and the F series files look the same. There we some channel logos I wasn't able to add and some I did change/add so I apparently didn't have the whole thing figured out completely but this is what I determined: The IMAGETBL.DAT file contains pointers to the logos. There are 20 bytes per channel, the 1st byte is the logo pointer, the 2nd is the number of characters in the channel name, the 3rd is the channel number and the 4th through the 20th are the channel name (spaces are "20", null characters are "00"). The categories are at the end of the file and follow the same structure. Tom
  9. iphone 3g, does it charge or not with F series?

    I just installed my F900bt (and updated to 2.0) yesterday (took out my D1) and went for a drive (about 45 minutes). My 3g iPhone connected via the Pioneer cable definitely had a stronger battery charge indicator when I got home vs when I left. It sure looks like it's charging to me. Tom
  10. Not all contacts transfered

    From the manual: The maximum 400 entries can be transferred per cellular phone. If the entries exceed 400, the extra entries will not be transferred. If more than one number is registered for one person, such as work place and home, each number is counted separately I suspect your question is answered in the third sentence. Tom

    Jason, I noticed your phone name is "Jason-IP". Is that an iPhone and if so, is it also your iPod? Wondering if the iPhone iPod function works via the interface. Also, I currently have a D1 with a GEX-P10XMT for XM. I see the F90BT has an IP bus connection and the P10XMT has an IP bus and data cable connection. I don't know if the data cable is used for Navtraffic only or is also needed for XM radio and I know the F90BT doesn't support XM Navtraffic. Do you happen to know if the P10XMT can be used for F90BT XM audio? Thanks, Tom