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  1. Mr. Kent Patterson, RebateHQ.com’s Consumer Complaint Specialist at (972) 538-7277. Call him and straighten it out. I hadn't gotten my first one. I sent in a second one about a month ago and it got denied since there is a one rebate per household limit. I bought a second unit for a friend, had it shipped directly to my friend the next town over and he was cool with me taking the rebate for it since I installed it for him. I called this guy, left a voicemail expecting to never hear back and sure enough he called me back the next day. I explained to him how the second rebate got denied b
  2. You can insert a POI and add multiple destinations. What I mean is when you have an active route, you can not look up POIs that are specifically only off exits that you will be passing. You only look up POIs that are near a destination or near your current position.
  3. I had the 6960 for a few days. Hated it. The multimedia interface was very cumbersome, nav was quite nice, but the iPod lists scrolling only showing 5 lines at a time on top of a small screen was a real pain. I had the Z110 last year sold it, then got the 6960 hated it and went back to an X710, and now have a 920 and even tried the Kenwood 7160. I got a killer deal on the 920 and love it. The nav can be annoying with lack of POI along route, but overall it gets you where you need to be, even if it does suggest a non-sense route. The multimedia section however is tops bar none. The coverflow wa
  4. This version fixes the VR so that you no longer have to hit the "OK" button before bluetooth connects in order for VR to work for handsfree calling. You can now press "OK" well after BT connects and once the VR loads, you can voice dial contacts. Bout friggin' time! Haven't noticed any other changes as of yet. It's good to see Pioneer finally getting on the ball and fixing a few obvious bugs. Now if only they would fix the "navigation sucking horribly" bug. But for the $397 that I paid for this unit, I'm quite content!
  5. Yep, the 920BT has all the new FW/map updates. And hello from SlickDeals! lol
  6. Here you go, I just upped it to my rapidshare. Along with it are the License files you will need to get new maps to work. http://rapidshare.com/files/361755651/EZRIDER.zip
  7. Ok, just got my new X710, used to have the F700BT with the 2009.6 TA Maps that worked with the proper license file. I just copied these new maps over to my X710, deleted the License folder and copied over the one that I used with my 2009.6 TA Maps and now it doesn't work. I get a message in a WinCE alert box saying something like "Your license is not valid to open the maps present" or something like that during bootup. The files that are in my License folder are "GENERIC_iGO8_WorldWide@801Product.lic", "Pioneer_PNA_NA@0810_(PremPOI,_TMC,_LM)_2008-12-18_NN747.lic", and some other file called "D
  8. Actually, you're gaining a bit with the X for VR since I can never dial by voice unless I remember to hit the OK button for the navi right away upon bootup. Other than that the VR for multimedia is the same and all you really lose the VR for the nav which isn't that great. I'd much rather have VR for voice at all times. Also, the VR engine on the X doesn't fail if you try to use it too soon.
  9. Well, then if that was not the official manual, then I guess there is still some hope for a few improvements to the nav functionality. *fingers crossed and expectations low*
  10. From what it look's like, they just basically sent a testmode key file and script that will add a file into the Z's flash storage. Hopefully we can figure out a way to use that testmode file to crack into some kind of flash dump. Then who knows what craziness could ensue. Thanks for taking the initiative of calling Pioneer and posting these files. Even if it doesn't turn into anything, it's still appreciated!
  11. I actually have all the dealer literature for the 2010 Kenwoods given to me by one of the many shops I visited. The 9960 does look a LOT better and has coverflow, etc, but the street price of that unit is probably going to be somewhere around $1700 with an MSRP of $2000. A bit too much for me.
  12. Just to update: I installed the Kenwood 6960 last night and brought it back today. The Garmin was great, but the multimedia and menu system were just as crappy and clunky as they were 2 years ago. Actually a bit worse in some ways. Just horrible actually. And all three "skins" look like ass. I would have gladly demoed the unit on a wall in a shop first but not one of 10 big car audio sellers in my area even had any Kenwood navs on their walls. Just a couple of X series from Pioneer and a bunch of DVD double din head units. I'm sticking with the Z for the time being, but I would have no pr
  13. I have just picked up a DNX6960 from my local 6Ave Electronics for $798. 2 Year warranty intact. The guy said that they are offering that for the price of the old 6140 (Non Excelon) as a substitution since they put the 6140 on sale this week but were out of them. I'll get this thing installed around 11 tonight and put up some pics and impressions tomorrow on the KW forum.
  14. I know that you're also very active on the KW forums and had a 9140. Did they ever fix the street name issues and what not with them? Did the 7140 (Non voice interface) have the same issues? I'm looking into the DNX6160 which appears to have the same Garmin version as the 7140 and the same multimedia interface as the 7140. I used to have the 8120 Excelon with the old Garmin software on it and loved it but HATED the ugly low res multimedia interface. They seem to have upped the screen res/fonts/etc. Also, did the 9140 have lane assist? I don't care about Junction view, just lanes. Thanks! I
  15. So VBlue, I almost did the same thing as you by switching back about a month ago. I bought a refurbed F700 off ebay, updated the software to 3.0 with the new maps and all my olds mods from when I had the F700 before I went to the Z110. However, the iPod would drop upon bootup about 15% of the time, the unit would reboot sometimes when placing a bluetooth call (Possible due to the No Nag warning mod I had or the fact that I had the X series 3.0 running with the F series bluetooth software, not sure which it may have been). Is the hardware of the X series much improved as far as iPod connectivit
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