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  1. Pioneer suck

    you have a 940, in this thread we are talking about an 850... long story short, with the newer avics, instead of having a usb cable that come out of the radio, there is a special connector. they make different adapter kits to plug into this connector, iPhone, Android, and yes USB are all seperate adapter kits that you need to buy extra if you want to use them. depending on the phone, you may need another adapter (or two) to use the adapter though...
  2. help f700bt and sat radio

    yes, you also need the sirius SCC1. the SCC1 is actually the satellite tuner, and the cd-sb10 is the part that makes it work on a pioneer radio. http://shop.siriusxm.com/xm/ctl10600/cp49759/si6261506/cl1/
  3. I'm pretty sure if you void your warranty if you replace your iphone's battery, that is what is meant by "non replaceable battery" in the phone world. if there is a removable cover that somebody can pop off and swap out a different battery whenever they want, then the phone has a removable battery if you have to open up the phone and replace internal parts then that is as "non replaceable" as it gets... of course the battery, screen, digitizer, speakers, mic... can all be serviced, some are just more difficult than others haha, you need to get out more bud! lol, its all the rage in "premium" phones (a category apple all but created!). for one HTC has been doing it for a little bit now, makes a damn nice phone, just as sturdy and solid as the Iphone.
  4. didn't even mean it like that (this time lol) there have been a few really sweet androids lately Ive had to steer away from because of non replaceable batteries.
  5. ive seen a lot phones getting super hot, but its not just an app radio problem. a lot of new radios (none quite as bad the AR) are relying heavily on the resources of the phone instead of their own and are keeping them active, which really works out the processor, then if you add charging the battery at the same time and you can cook biscuits off of most of them. hell ive seen some powerful androids not even charge because the phone is using power probably slightly faster then it is receiving it. I'm sure this cant be anywhere near optimal for the life of a phone battery, but then again, I always use 2a rapid chargers all the time and find that I usually need to replace the battery a little while before its a year old. for this reason, I try to stay away from phones with non removable batteries.
  6. AVH-X3500BHS video through iphone4

    yes, cheap chinese knock offs have been know to be built very poorly and either are defective out of the mob or fail early. the XD9sc is pretty sweet, my father up graded to one from a Beretta for his EDC. I was back and forth between that and the XDm9c I finally decided on.
  7. Iphone 5 Cable?

    only an Apple fan would think that having a bunch of adapters is anything but a terrible ideal who cares how much it cost, or who you have to license it from, thats what you do. if you have an iPhone, you can pay a little extra to have a fancy cable that does not look like a squid giving birth.
  8. Iphone 5 Cable?

    it seems ridiculous that is the only option... a part from pioneer and then two other parts that somebody else makes, it doesn't even seem like pioneer is even trying anymore. you going to tell me that they cant figure all that magic out in that little box and just have a single part to buy with a single cable coming out of the box...
  9. AVH-X4500BT

    the AVH model line is nowhere near as moddable as some of the AVIC series are. I do not believe that Ive really ever seen any other than a hardware bypass if that even counts.
  10. verifying vss is working

    of course you could, but why be lazy? you should just hook it up so the unit is as accurate as possible.
  11. AVH-X4500BT

    here is the chart to see what cable you need for which features you want http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/2013+Pioneer+and+Apple+Compatibility
  12. AVIC X930BT Backup Camera Issues

    ok if you have the reverse wire hooked up, the wires actually test out with a meter, and the camera is all wired correctly. then you have a problem with the avic itself, probably a software glitch
  13. you will need the harness with the RCA cables if you even want to bypass the unit (watch video while in motion) hook up any amps, or hook up a back up camera. your setting are greyed out because you do not have the parking brake wire hooked up and the brake is not set.
  14. have you checked to make sure the power and ground wires are still good at the XM tuner? (no blown fuses, no loose wires, harness has both 12v+ and ground?) if the tuner does have power, then you either have a bad XM tuner, a bad IPBus input on the AVIC, or a bad cable. the only easy way to test is to test with a new unit. you are correct that it has nothing to do with your subscription, even if you didn't pay your bill, it would still show up as a source and play the preview channel. also even though i dont think that this is your problem, make sure the the IpBus cable is plugged into the correct port on the tuner (the end of the IPBus connector is color coded to tell you which port is correct)
  15. music and nav at the same time?

    also for the record, this is a sub forum for the AVIC X series of headunits. you have a AVH-X8500bhs the AVH models are just mobile video systems, the AVIC models have built in navigation.
  16. unfortunately this is normal behavior
  17. F900 Camera

    any camera that is 12 volts and has a standard RCA video connector
  18. Impact of not hooking up VSS wire?

    do not just ground the VSS wire. to hook up the VSS wire you need to find the VSS wire INSIDE the car and connect the pioneers wire to that one.
  19. ARG! Is my reciever dead?

    yes that is a common symptom of the radio going into protect mode from a shorted out speaker, some brands will inform you if the radio gets a shorted speaker, but unfortunately pioneer does not, especially when you hear a pop through one of the speakers (a lot of times the speaker that is shorted will be the one that pops) glad you got it fixed!
  20. Default Source

    most units will switch to a new source when a new source is added. plugging the iphone in is adding a new source. haven't tried it yet but what happens if you plug the phone in before you start the car/turn on the radio
  21. sounds like the multi-function button (volume control among other things) is broken, either that or your not just turning it, your also tilting it one way or the other...
  22. AVH-X3500BHS video through iphone4

    yes, i would also like to know what cable you are using? also for the record, the 3500bhs is not an X series AVIC unit, it is an AVH series
  23. Subwoofer installation

    yes, the wire IS Blue/white every radio today will have a amp turn on wire, and unless the radio is some cheap Chinese knock off, that wire will be blue with a white stripe
  24. pioneer x940bt back up camera issue

    figuring out a camera problem: if the radio is not switching to the camera screen, then it is either a problem with the AVIC itself, or a problem with the reverse connection *1 if the avic is switching but there is no image, just a black screen, then the problem is with the camera (the video input could also go bad, but that is a lot less likely) *2 *1 take the radio out, unhook the reverse wire, then try to manually ground the wire or manually give it 12v+ and see if it triggers then, if that gets it to work, then you need to change something about how or where its connected to. if it still doesn't trigger, then you have a problem with the AVIC, you can try to reload the software to see if that fixes the bug, or you can send it in to pioneer and have them fix it. *2 , try using the camera with it hooked directly to another power source like the cig socket or directly to the battery, try another camera.
  25. thats marketing. if he said that it was limited and couldn't do 10% of what a TR7 could do, no one would buy it... it is definitely easier to install, so in that respect it is better, the TR7 is more versatile so it has many more uses than just bypassing a MV/nav system.