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  1. Z110BT Full Demo Video

    Thanks for uploading this video, I've been trying to find out what the boot times are everywhere but nobody seems to know. There are virtually no reviews online yet, other than Cut & Paste from Pioneer PDFs. For me the bootup time is one of the biggest factors in a vehicle GPS. It sucks to have to sit in your car and wait for 30-60 seconds before you can enter your address into the GPS. I bought the F700 and ended up returning it because I couldn't stand the ridiculously long bootup time (about 40 seconds). I went back to my old AVIC-D3 which boots up in about 12 seconds. I just wish Pioneer made a model that had the interface of the D or F series (with a knob) and a fast processor like the Z series. It's so frustrating, because I want to upgrade from my old D3, but there is no product I would truly be happy with. I love my D3, but the maps are so pretty on the new units. The other two major dealbreakers for me besides the boot times are 2-D heading up mode (which the F series never had until firmware 3.0) and the ability to do a bypass. If only Pioneer would release an X700BT with a faster processor I would be sold.
  2. .50 cent Security solution: in a pinch

    What's "stealthplate"? Googling it just comes up with license plate covers and there's nothing else in the forums about it.. Something you made yourself or something you can purchase?
  3. Help removing D3 from 07 Ford Escape

    It turns out there's nothing to it. I just popped the main dashboard face off and then the Stereo was held in with these hokey little plastic clips that allow it to slide it one way and lock but not slide out. I just had to pry it back and forth until it slid out. To anyone with the same issue : Ford Escapes are a piece of cake to get apart. You don't need to take off a single screw, there is a ton of room behind the dash and you can easily fish wires down to whereever you want. PM me if you need any help! Scott
  4. Help removing D3 from 07 Ford Escape

    I just thought because Ford Escapes are so common, someone might have a walkthrough with pictures on how to take the dash apart. If I end up figuring it out or asking my installer I'll post pictures for others. Thanks
  5. My D3 to F90BT Experience

    I also just "upgraded" from a D3 to the F700. I had been eying the F700 on sale for $699 CDN and finally upgraded when I had issues with my D3. Of course my issues were self inflicted by using a bad burnt copy of the new Pioneer Map CD. I have to say I agree with all your points, the F series has some major annoyances. The top 2 for me are the ridiculous long boot-up time and the no track up option. I've since burned a good copy of the new maps for the D3 and am considering switching back. But every day I look at the gorgeous screen on the F700 it makes it harder to decide. Can I live with 30 second load times and upside-down 2D maps in exchange for better graphics? Tough call.. I really wish Pioneer was more helpful. If they promised that they were addressing these issues in a version 3 firmware I would stick with my F700 but right now I don't know.
  6. I've got a 2007 Ford Escape with a 700BT installed. I want to take it out and do the hardware bypass but I'm having trouble getting the unit out. Does anyone have experience removing a deck from a Ford Escape? I can easily take the main dashboard cover off with a flathead screwdriver, but then I can't tell what to do next. Do I need to take the entire dashboard apart to get at the screws on the side of the unit? It would seem that there's a way to slide it straight out but I can't figure out how. I've searched Avic411 for pictures of Ford Escape installs and also spent a lot of time searching Google, but can't find anything useful. If you have any pics you can post or know a link for a walkthrough of removing a deck from a Ford Escape please help!!
  7. D3 vs F90bt - Which one should I get?

    I just upgraded from the D3 to the F700BT. It's a tough call to say which one is better. I would say the D3 is more functional - it starts MUCH quicker than the F700/900 even after the 2.0 firmware upgrade on the F series. (5-10 seconds versus 30-40 seconds) It also doesn't lock the 2D maps into "north always" mode. I prefer to have the map rotate so the direction I'm driving shows north on the display but on the F series this feature has been removed. I checked with Pioneer tech support and they confirmed it. On the plus side for the new F series - the screen is much higher resolution (800x600 versus 480x320 I think) and looks incredible! It is slightly smaller than the D3 but more than makes up for that with the beautiful graphics. The menu system is much cleaner and better laid out. There are lots of little improvements too like Ipod album art being displayed onscreen. Bottom line : Get the D3 if you want a functional, fast performing GPS. (Just make sure to get the upgraded map disc too.) Get the F series if you just want to impress people. I've got 30 days to return my F700 to Future Shop and go back to my D3. I am still trying to decide, but I am leaning towards keeping my old D3. The longer startup times and the North-locking thing on the 2D maps drive me nuts.