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  1. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Mine starting rebooting again last night and can't find my fx 3.1 file... having trouble with the link, though... is there a new one?
  2. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Similar question to what's posted above... I have an f90bt with 2.0 something... wondering if I can go right to this. I have a 3.0 upgrade sitting at home but would rather run this

    Yay! Got it up and running again... didn't have a usb stick that it would recognize so I ended up just making a new folder on the test mode sd card and after it booted up copied the files from that folder over and it seems happy no more reboot with the gps plugged in... now to decide whether or not to upgrade to 3.0 lol

    OK... back to a problem. I get the wince to boot up fine in test mode now, but it won't recognize the 2 gig usb stick I formatted to fat32 and loaded with the files for the transfer. So now I'm stuck again... try another stick maybe? Anyone have a brand that they know works?

    Nevermind Thought that was an indicator light for something I never used...

    How do you get into the first screen where you do the file loading... says something about holding the reset button but not sure which one he means. I've tried various combos with no luck.

    I'm having the reboot problem as of 2 weeks ago. Stops for some reason when unplugging the gps. I tried another antenna just in case the wire was pinched with the same issue still happening. Is this fix for that?
  8. daylight savings time

    Yeah... I noticed mine did that yesterday as well
  9. daylight savings time

    Ran into the same issue... only thing I can think of is that they changed the DLS days so maybe the software was originally written before those were confirmed dates... maybe a fix in 3.0?
  10. Ipod vs mp3 DVD

    The class 6 ones are fairly quick... you get a bit of slowdown at the bootup which is normal for pretty much everything with these decks. I have a full 16 gig one and it's usually about 20-30 seconds until it resumes where it left off... it's usually faster if you've just inserted a card.
  11. How do you verify the VSS wire is working?

    Yeah... a lot of vss signals are 0-5 volts on/off reference voltage.
  12. How do you verify the VSS wire is working?

    Yeah... coming from an auto tech standpoint, most vss are off and lose accuracy on the very low and high side. The GPS is usually a more accurate readout as long as you're holding the same speed. I haven't hooked mine up yet (mostly just being lazy) but it's off by a few mph too. Seems to be there mostly to help in the spots where you lose the signal for a few seconds.
  13. Ipod vs mp3 DVD

    I don't own an iPod either... I don't mind the interface but never liked Itunes much... I have an 80 gig Zune, which is ok, but can't control with the interface. Your best bet is to just snag a 16 gig sdhc card or something for music/vids and a drive for your computer. You can probably get both for under 60 bucks. Cheaper than an iPod and you can snag a couple and get all the functionality and enough storage to dump a few dvds worth on there with still being able to reuse the media indefinitely
  14. Max size and version for SD card?

    Gotta read the fine print on some of Sandisk's cards... they claim higher numbers but when you look at the class rating which is based on the tested sustained transfer it's usually lower... snag a class 6 16gb on Amazon for about 30-40 these days
  15. SD Card Slot question

    Cool... that happens to be the one I was looking at... was thinking of picking up a couple cheap.