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  1. Avic-HD3 Australian HDD Image

    Anyone willing to upload an australian HD3 HDD image somewhere?
  2. I haven't been able to get the speedcam warnings working using Dafias 3.6+FW4.0 on an Australian unit. I can see the speedcams on the map but no warnings. They are turned on and worked fine on earlier firmware. Do the cam warnings work with FW4.0? Any suggestions would be appreciated
  3. TTS Voice Files

    For those wanting Australian TTS voices here's Karen. Voice_TTS-nua-eng-au-f1.zip
  4. Dafia3.6 Mod+FW4.0 and Speedcams.

    Just an update. Tried tail24 suggestions but no luck. The strange thing is if I create a speedcam down the road the warnings work fine. It shows on the map the same as all the other speedcams but the others still don't work. Has me stumped. Just the fact that I can't figure it out is annoying me more than the need for the speedcams. Any suggestions?
  5. Dafia3.6 Mod+FW4.0 and Speedcams.

    Thanks tail24 I will give it a go on the weekend.
  6. Samatha talking mumbo jumbo

    Delete the file suffixed *.ph in the APL2/Igo/Content/Phoneme directory. Make a backup first just in case of problems.
  7. Diafia, If there is a next version would it be possible to add some quick zoom buttons on the main map screen such as a "+" and "-" that can be touched easily. At the moment you can drag the distance bar but it only has a very narrow touch range and a stylus has to be used. Big fingers just tend to pause the navigation rather than zoom. Most of my driving is off road on dirt roads and fire trails which are rough so trying to zoom in and out when on the move is nearly impossible with this narrow touch range. The reason for requiring the zoom is the maps in Australia don't show the smaller street and trail names until zoomed in.
  8. [quote Where is the *.ph located? I looked under user/phone and found call history and phonebook. Thanks Jimbo It's located in the APL2/IGO/CONTENT/PHONEME folder. Just delete the file with the ph suffix but make a copy first just in case.
  9. I had the same problem and deleting the file inside the PHONEME directory(*.ph) solved the problem.
  10. Australian Maps R18

    Cheers thanks for the info. Wasn't aware of the new files.
  11. I found on my 900 that if I have problems with the touch screen accuracy in testmode I go to control panel in winCE and recalibrate the screen. I think it is under stylus in the control panel from memory.
  12. I love the fact that you keep the mods looking OEM. Some of the other modders do great work but stray a little to much from the original theme for my liking. Just a personal thing I guess.
  13. Hey Segler1963 couldn't you just delete the speedcam files from My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo\Content\Speedcam and no more speedcam info to display.
  14. The mod includes a split screen. Look at the pics on the first page. Split Screen
  15. I have a US unit and even with the Data.zip mod below you still have to earth/ground the parkbrake wire to the best of my knowledge. Works fine on my FT900BT US model and has been that way for quite some time. [pioneer] parking_break_speed=256.0 hide_logos=1 Software/Hardware Bypass AVIC-F Hardwire Bypass for Dummies
  16. Instead of connecting the E brake/Park brake wire to the brake switch connect directly to earth so as to simulate the brake being applied at all times.
  17. 4x4 mapping for Avic 910BT

    Most definately is possible. Been there done that. As I mentioned the screen is a bit small to give good results but it can be done and has been discussed in the forums previously.
  18. 4x4 mapping for Avic 910BT

    To enable the use of detailed Topo maps and better functionality for off road use. Search Oziexplorer via Google.
  19. 4x4 mapping for Avic 910BT

    You can run programs like Oziexplorer CE via testmode or possibly as an app in the latest version of Dafias mod. Will have to try that one. Copy Oziexplorer CE with maps and testmode to an SD card and boot the unit with the SD card installed. Access Oziexplorer.exe and double tap to run. The screen is a little to small with most topo maps for my liking.
  20. Something must be really wrong with me, spent the whole day debugging code!!! To clarify abb1's comment, The look and feel of the mod is retained so things will be familiar to everyone. Cheers 34by151 Thanks 34by151, I'm not sure what abb1 meant by my comment being spam? Nor am I impatient. I was simply stating how excited I am for the next update.. Keep up the great work. Scott I'm with you gibear2k5 and probably many others who are patient but excited awaiting the release of the new mod. Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly conversation.
  21. You're not alone. Thought it was just me
  22. Only had my AVIC-F900BT for about a week and have been playing with various mods. Fantastic forum. I have a US model in Aus. with Aus. maps working fine but noticed a number of differences in settings and options after playing with an Aus. unit in a local HiFi store. One item that caught my eye was the ability to select AM and FM step frequency(seems to be an issue on many US to EU units)) as well as Speed cam activation keys plus a bunch of other stuff I can't quite remember. I would be interested in comparing the US and AU Flash Disk file. Any Aussies help? Could post an Sd card to someone for the files if they liked or they could start a free account at http://www.myotherdrive.com/ which allows 2gb free so the masses can have fun.
  23. Make sure you clear the user save folder as per the instructions. Step 19. You need to delete the save files so that your settings are built fresh with these new mods. They are in “My Flash Disk\User\UserData\iGo\save. Everything should be deleted except for a favorites.dat file if you have one.
  24. Garmin's MapSource TOPO maps on AVIC??

    Not familiar with the 700 but on the 900 you can run Oziexplorer for CE and use Topo maps no Problem. Just use test mode to access winCE. Also I believe you can use Leetlauncher on the 900 with Garmin and Topo maps but not sure about the 700. As BorisM states both methods are hacks.