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  1. Different Mic for BTB

    How's that mic working out? Did you install it yet?
  2. AVIC D3 w/ Ipod Classic 6th Gen

    I would like to know the answer to you question as well. I think this is a good question for those of us with D3's trying to figure out which Ipod to get.
  3. Video Output?

    Thanks, that's nice to know. I'm thinking it's about time I got an Ipod, especially since they went DRM free.
  4. Video Output?

    I realize this is an ancient thread, but I have a flip down screen in the back for the kiddies on long trips. I was thinking of getting an ipod or doing some type of hard drive mod/install. But from this thread I am wondering if either of these video sources would output to the back flip down screen and not just on the head unit. If it just works on avic d3 screen and not the flip down this doesn't work for me. Am I missing something here? It seems that in an alternate install in a prior vehicle where I happened to have an extra DVD player, I used it to play DVDs so I could just leave the nav disc in the D3. This way I could watch the DVD on the flip down and the D3 screen. Does anyone know if the Ipod plays video on flip downs in the back as well as the D3 screen? I don't have an Ipod so I need your experience/expertise on this. Tell me your thoughts. Also, of course I would like to be able to control the Ipod from the D3.
  5. Different Mic for BTB

    No problem, that's what this site is for. I just joined, but this site has helped me and my installer many times. I had to actually have my installer look at this website, they kept telling me something was impossible due to a gyroscope . . . he he he
  6. D3 in my Gen2 Durango

    Also how do you like the Motorola bluetooth? Is that an IHF 850 or 1000? Also did you have the motorola before you got the D3? Just curious cause I think the pioneer BTB-200 works pretty good, and my give the install a clean look as well. But either way things look very tidy in there, nice work. Also does the motorola stream music through bluetooth audio well, have you tried it? Just curious cause I just got my wife a parrot mki9200, but was torn between that and the motorola IHF1000. She has a 05 Honda accord hybrid with everything except bluetooth and an mp3/aux jack. So I thought one of these would be a good solution. Anyway they are still shipping, so your opinion would still be helpful.
  7. Different Mic for BTB

    Garmin External Microphone for StreetPilot C550 (010-10804-00), got mine at Best Buy but couldn't find it there, but found it at Amazon. Hope this helps. It really helped me.
  8. D3 in my Gen2 Durango

    Looks great, what year exactly is that Durango?
  9. Different Mic for BTB

    I'm embarrased to admit, but I spliced some wires and tried using the on star mic. Sound was horrible. I then tried to repair wires for pioneer mic, never sounded good again. Anyway went on a wild goose chase trying to find a replacement pioneer mic ended up find a $12 mic made by garmin with a nice long cable and various attachement methods/pieces. This mic sounds great. People can't tell if I'm in a car.
  10. D3/BTB200/Blackberry Curve and BT Audio

    I have the same exact problem with my Blackberry Curve, BTB200, Avic D3. The phone auto connects, I had little problems getting the phonebook transferred in. Also bluetooth phone connection is great also. When I try to listen to music via Blackberry's bluetooth, sometimes it connects as A2DP only and sometime as both A2DP and AVRCP. I don't understand it. Sometimes reconnecting it works, but I too, have to initiate this connection from phone by playing musics then hit menue connect to pioneer btb200. If anyone knows how to have it always connect as both A2DP and AVCRP I would greatly appreciate it. When it first worked that way, I went and ordered a PAC connector so I could control my avic d3 through my steering wheel. Update: Got the PAC SWI_PS installed, works great! Just wish I could get the AVRCP to connect as consistently as A2DP. It's nice bouncing around from song to song, adjusting the volume, all without touching the phone. Kudos to the folks at PAC!!
  11. Paring Blackberry Storm with D3 BT

    What about bluetooth avrc audio video remote control? for me this seems to be hit or miss . . . works half the time, and doesn't work half the time . . .
  12. d3 and phonebook transfer

    I know the frustration. I have the Pioneer BTB-200 and Avic D3. I believe I initiated the phonebook transfer on the pioneer, then on my blackberry I initiated phonebook transfer. All of a sudden on the Avic D3 screen I saw the phonebook entry number getting bigger, then it said phonebook transfer complete. I do remember trying this several times with the bluetooth connection being terminated. After some surfing it seems that disconnect is normal. Anyway did this bout a week ago, if I'm remembering correctly this may help some folks.
  13. Blackberry Bold Transfer

    Try transferring from the pioneer, then from your phone options menu transfer address for each I believe. Try starting with one then the other. I have a Blackberry Curve and could not get it to work, until I read a few posts somewhere. Anyway if I recall correctly that is how I did it.