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  1. So i just bought a Avic-Z140BH from someone on craigslist, and when i went to install it, there's no audio. I double check my connections and figured out that the system remote does not have a signal. I hooked up a different Pioneer radio and it turns on my PPI amp just fine. I'm positive it's the system remote wire not sending any signal to the amp to turn it on. Is there a specific setting in the unit to turn it on? or is the unit just bad? Any way to get another signal to turn on the amp? Thanks
  2. This is exactly what i was looking for. The only thing i ever missed was a wireless remote. I already have the pioneer remote, so all i need is the PAC module. My only concern is that i saw someone mention a lag, is it significant? And does it bother anyone? I had an iPhone 3G and the it lagged and it bugged me, so i'm concerned about the avic.
  3. What is up with you guys? I just downloaded the torrent and installed everything on my F900 and it worked perfect. The torrent is still good. It only took me 15 min to download it.
  4. I was just checking out craigslist and found this ad. I'm not saying it's stolen, but it's highly likely. It's missing GPS antenna, Mic, and the USB wire is cut. Just putting it out there in case it was stolen. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/2269146750.html
  5. Hey there, thanks a lot Terron. I am a total idiot. I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find it. I didn't know that there was anything on the insert. I thought it was only a single piece of paper. Also, if the SD cards can be unlocked somehow, i'd be willing to donate mine for the Avic411 community.
  6. Hey there guys, thanks for any help that you can provide. So here's the situation. I purchased a F90BT from another member on the forum, he sold it to me for a good price, and told me if i pay alittle extra he'll send me the 3.0 update once he gets it. So he does finally send it to me, it's still shrink wrapped and everything, but i can't find the media number anywhere. I'm assuming he didn't include it. I've tried to contact him, but he's not responding. So here's my situation. I would like to update to 3.0 obviously, and i have the sd cards, but i can't do anything without that stupid media
  7. So today i was driving and i pulled up next to a white c350 at a stop light. I looked in and saw a guy with a pioneer lanyard around his neck. I looked further and he had a Pioneer avic in his car, but it wasn't hooked up to his dash, it sat in some type of compartment similar to those you see in cop cars. I asked him if that was the new avic line and he said yeah, he wouldn't tell me what model it was as he was tight lipped, but he did say it was suppose to be around 400-500. I asked if it was the new F-series and he said no, but the F series will be getting a new update. Nice guy, i should
  8. Is it a 3G? if so it should still be under warranty. You can take it to any Mac store and talk to a "genius". Does anything happen when you plug it into your computer? Any screen pop up?
  9. Has anyone had any experience with aftermarket GPS antenna's for their avic's? I guess this questions could be for all Avic owners, but i have a F-Series so i figured i'd post it here. I've seen them going for about 25 bucks on ebay, whereas oem ones go for 50. I was just wondering if there was a difference. Any info would be Great, thanks.
  10. Hey there Keith, were you able to find one yet? Let me know if you do, i'm in the market for one for my D3. Maybe we can do a buy one get one free deal and split the cost.
  11. As much as the F-series had problems the layoff is prob mostly due to the economy. Even if the F-series were selling they would still be laying off people. I have a friend that works at Westinghouse and they just finished laying off half their employees. And they make budget tv's for the less financially stable people.
  12. There's been a lot of complaints about similar problems that you have had. I dunno what it is, it might be a hit or miss kinda thing. I think they just rushed the F series out too fast before they could fully work out all the bugs. You might want to wait until they release a new update and see if that fixes anything before you smash it up with a bat I've had a D3, F700, and now a F900 and i've been completely happy with all of them. I'm looking to upgrade to a Z series now. I'm kinda bias though, i've been buying Pioneer since i was 16. I tried to venture out and bought a flip out Clarion a
  13. Have you tried using a different phone with bluetooth? I have a F900BT and my iphone works flawless through Bluetooth. You might want to try another phone besides your LG Dare. Just a heads up. And yeah, anytime you unplug it, you have to change the av inputs.
  14. Hey there, yeah the older ipods weren't designed to offer the convenience of compatibilities with other third-party connection. It kinda sucks, but you can always get a cheap shuffle or nano.
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