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  1. AMD Builds Card Computer

    I'm trying to gather information on how this was done, but Endgadget just posted news about this being demo'd at CES. http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/19/amd-announces-fusion-based-embedded-g-series-platform/ With the modding that the community enjoys, and the endless complaints (from myself included) on how closed the hu manufacturers are, something like this would be a welcomed alternative. If there is continued interest in this, I'll continue to post on the information I find.
  2. Verizon CDMA IPhone work with Z120BT??

    I hope that this isnt a gross violation of the rules, but I read through some google results and wanted to share some links that address the Android issue: http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid/31513-droid-avrcp-car-audio.html - Confirmed on my z100bt with Droid Incredible. - Failed miserably on my DroidX while playing Pandora over BT http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=557088 (Android on HTC Info) Another thread addressing this: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/29343-avrcp-13-yea-or-nay/ The general consensus seems to be that if you have an app launched which supports and handles the AVRCP commands, then you have some limited capability.
  3. @Shortfuse Just read through the thread and how you went about patching the password deal. Well done and congrats, wish I would have thought of going that route. I can't help but think that it would have paid off if I would've paid more attention in assembly in college
  4. CNSD-110FM USA SD Card Torrent (2010)

    Just contributing some information that I stumbled on while poking around: The header of the NDATA.001 file is "MSWIN4.1". Upone further investigation, this appears to be a boot record of sorts. http://thestarman.pcministry.com/asm/mbr/MSWIN41.htm According to Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EXE, we're dealing with 16 bit DOS executables. Not that this will help in the cracking process, but I stumbled on it anyway: The .rff and .image files are created with an application called "NaviStudio" http://cloudmade.com/products/navi-studio. May help to mod in the future (?). CARDINFO.cif contains what appears to be either random (unlikely) or some sort of alpha numeric hash or encryption of data. It reads #pioneer[hash] and that's it. If we can get the code for the sdcard this was taken from, that might provide some clue. It might be a good route to contact one of the forums that specialize in cracking these types of hashes and security setups. But like was previously mentioned, we'll likely need many samples of the hash with original data in order to get that cracked.
  5. Z110BT > Z120BT UPGRADE IS OUT!

    I hope one of you brave souls will post a demo vid to outline what's been updated
  6. Parking Break Troubles, Futile

    "I'm returning this unit because the hack you don't support won't work" Love it. I read about the opening of the connector on the mute wire being distorted by the removal process. That's the one thing I hadn't investigated (which just occurred to me). Later on today I'm going to pull it again and look at the opening on the connector (where the pin from the head unit makes contact - for those reading and lost) to see if it's misshapen. If it is, I'll try squeezing it slightly with some needle nose pliers. Perhaps that will do something miraculous.
  7. Hey all, Before VBLUE drops a canned response ( ) I've been over the instructions for a Z11BT bypass about a hundred times, and had a look through every thread that had anything to do with the bypass and/or parking break messages and/or grounding the parking break wire. Now, I followed the directions as close as I possibly could, but I'm still getting the message about the parking break being improperly connected, and following that, the bypass isn't work as video will shut off over 10mph. Here's the various things I have tried: - Pulled the mute wire again to check the orientation of the connector. Re-inserted mute wire (into the position as outlined by the instructions, one position over) and asserted that it was in as far as possible for a good connection. - Twisted the mute wire with the parking break wire. - Used electrical connectors to tie it with the parking break wire. (as an alternative to twisting them together, thinking the connectors had a bad connection) - Connected parking break/mute common wire to chassis. - Connected parking break/mute common wire to black ground wire on harness. - Used a metal electrical connector to ground. - Used bear wire to chassis to test ground. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, when the car turns on, I get the message about the parking break. I'm open to any suggestions. If anyone has any pictures of their bypass, wire and all, that would probably be of help as well.
  8. When those updates do come out, if they're tied to the unit in any way, someone is going to figure it out. And if not, I'm going to tear open every single file looking for the link to serial number, etc
  9. Coupon codes for Z110BT @ 685 Dollars (< 10 left)

    Just ordered mine OK with the coupon code.
  10. Install/Faceplate Template

    Hey all, Does anyone have, or know where to find, a template for the faceplate for installation? I have an '06 Cherokee and I want to try and use a non-nav dash bezel with the Z110BT. The nav bezel is just so big and bulky. So I'm hunting for a template for the faceplate and trim before I go cutting into a bezel. Anyone have one, or know where to look for one? Thanks
  11. Coupon codes for Z110BT @ 685 Dollars (< 10 left)

    Really hoping the 515 coupon is active come Thursday. Even though the Z doesn't have the hackability of the X910, the feature set and hardware improvements over the X910 are just too hard to ignore.
  12. Coupon codes for Z110BT @ 685 Dollars (< 10 left)

    Thanks for the confirmation. And many thanks for posting the coupon code. That's just about pushed me over the edge for buying one of these!
  13. Filesystem Access

    Echoing Drzy's reply. Any updates using the files Pioneer sent?
  14. ok so its April.........

    Maybe some good Samaritan will post an image from the SD card. Ya never know.
  15. Coupon codes for Z110BT @ 685 Dollars (< 10 left)

    I'm assuming the MIR is the $200 MIR from Pioneer before April 30th, yeah?