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  1. 2008 Maps

    I wouldn't waste time with Teleatlas updates that have more errors. I updated our Avic by purchasing a preloaded hard drive with the updates. Wonderfull concept and only cost $100.00. But I wouldn't pay $1.00 for the Teleatlas Map updates that Pioneer subscribes to. The maps go backwards in updates with more errors.
  2. 2008 Maps

    That's nice they are available. So was the 2007 update that had about 20% errors in maping compared to the installed data on the Avic in 2006. Why pay for something that has more errors. They should be free until Teleatlas gets their data at least 95% correct
  3. CNDV-800HD

    what's all the big hype for a money grab? The 2007 Map update was a complete waste of money. The Teleatlas data was more accurate in the installed data that comes with the unit.
  4. 2008 Maps

    I won't waste a dime on the new update. We did the 2007 map update and Teleatlas is backwards - there are SO MANY errors that DID NOT exist with the original map data that was installed with the unit. We contacted Teleatlas about all the errors that didn't exisit prior to the upgrade and they asked to send in information about the errors. There is just TOO much to deal with this. It's just a money grab!
  5. Avic Z1 to Z2 update

    Did the update with the new maps and noticed the unit behave differently... route I used to take, the Avic now takes me on a longer distance route... have turned the autolearn on... drove the same route 4 times and still the unit takes gives me directions that are out of the way...adding about 20 minutes to an already 15 minute trip and more mileage. What's with this?
  6. Firmware upgrade

    Our unit was sent in for warranty repair to Pioneer couple of months ago. It came back indicating it needed a firmware upgrade. When I look at the verison it is 1.000000. Looking at their link for upgrading at : http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pna/v ... 48,00.html It seems they didn't do anything on warranty. Has anyone performed the firmware upgrade on their own, by downloading from the Pioneer website??
  7. Parking break switch is a bypass??

    Thanks. I've seen that and that's why I'm asking if the switch our installers put in does the same thing or not? I can't find any mention of that in the link. Anyone??
  8. Parking break switch is a bypass??

    When we had our Avic Z1 installed, the installers told me they placed a hidden switch in place with the parking break connection. I think the switch is grounded so when the switch is on, the Avic thinks the parking break is on. We have most functionallity while driving, although the speed sensor in the unit still "greys out" some screen button while we are moving. Does this switch do what the bypass does? or does the actual bypass flash do more? Can someone explain the difference and will the current switch affect when I upgrade my unit with the new map data etc. (the most recent update out there?) Thanks
  9. Bluetooth Connect/Disconnect

    we did the factory full reset as well. The phones would work fine for a while... then the same thing... bam! Where do you get the software update for the 8100 Pearl?
  10. Bluetooth Connect/Disconnect

    We had the same problem with our first phone... worked perfectly for 2 months... then reset the entire AVIC and worked fine for about 3-4 weeks then again the connection/disconnecting. We tried a 2nd phone that is listed as compatible did almost the exact same thing there... Then we purchased the BB Pearl 8100... worked fine no hitches for about 4 weeks, then the same crap. Finally sent the unit in to Pioneer for repair... firmware update was done and it did NOTHING. Good Luck as I suspect there is something more happening here that Pioneer is not even aware about. Even when I try to delete the device on the phone, and rematch it to the AVIC, there are times where the phone displays that there was no device found.
  11. Am I making the right choice

    Yeah, tons of features... perhaps too many that the unit's microprocessor can't keep up and many inconsistencies and flaws have come out. We finally sent our unit in for repair. Problems with Bluetooth, Navigation, and freezing. The dealer we purchased the unit from said they have never seen the number of repairs on the unit than any other car units they have sold.
  12. How satisfied are you with the AVIC-Z2?

    several things... that have already been posted. Simply poor engineering and quality control before deployment. Have heard through the dealer we purchased the unit from, that the AVIC has had LOTS of problems.
  13. How satisfied are you with the AVIC-Z2?

    Not impressed with a so called Cadillac product that seems more like a tractor! My unit is finally in for repair. Hopefully it will be fixed or re-engineered before deployment.
  14. My phone worked no problem for the 1st 2 months... then I had to connect on it's own using the manual connect in the blackberry. Then at times my phone would indicate no devices found. Finally my avic Z1 has gone in for repair! I hope this all works out once I get it back! This is the third compatible phone that my Avic seems to have bluetooth issues with.
  15. Good luck with the Palms. I had a 650 Treo run smooth for 3 months, then my unit would disconnect and connect randomly. Had the phone replaced and within 2-3 weeks of using the replacement, BAM, the Avic Z1 would disconnect and connect. Same thing happend with my Nokia 6103 and now my Blackberry Pearl. Both phones also worked problem free with the Avic Bluetooth, then BAM...3 months latter same disconnect connection thing. This Avic needs to go in to be replaced. Pioneer Canada insists there is nothing wrong with it. I beg to differ.