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  1. abb i put in your theme update, but my main screen font did not change. my 2 pictures did though. what could be wrong?
  2. Thanks for the compliments! That's what makes posting this all worth while. Did you find the right download link? Yea i did. i was in such a hurry to get it on i forgot to put in the new data zip. but your old data zip still worked with the new gfx and files in the (put in apl 2). now its on and works like a charm!!!!! MSN Shortcut
  3. Well another fine piece of work. Abb ya did it again. this s@#t is amazing. idts were awesome but this is WOW. man and he even puts in schemes with moons and fog. and then tells ya how to put them in step by step. WOW, you cant go wrong here with this guy! Now if we can only get him drunk enough to slide an MSN icon on top. it will be complete. (You know im only kidding Abb as youve stated before you dont have it, and it wont be where you r, and cant test.) Dam Abb this mod Blows my little mind. Thanks a bunch and keep modding we r here for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hacked ezrider

    hey vblue i took your advice and picked up a generic license and a hacked ez rider from a map thread. dont know we will see
  5. Hacked ezrider

    hey vblue i bricked my unit but i am able to get it back to 3.02. now when i try and put on a mod say idts#2 skin, my unit goes to splash screen. it used to work for me when my unit was at 3.02 before and i cant remember if i had to grab a generic license and hacked ez rider. i think the problem may be i need a generic license and hacked ez rider? what do you think. as of now my unit is 3.02 with old maps=version 2.0004.
  6. Hacked ezrider

    Hey guys i jacked my f90bt and i need a hacked ez rider so i can update to 3.01 and then 3.02. can any one help me please. the one that is on the site from itchybot is a dead end. i have looked over and over again.
  7. hey idt was just wondering, would it be hard for me to change one thing. change the night/day icon on the to msn?
  8. What is the advantage of 3.0 or 3.1?

    dam hanibal you r still having problems. man i hope you get it all straightend out. my works good
  9. GTIMatt still around? Update mod to 3.0?

    guys you must not have seen idt's mod for 3.0 v2. his mod is a great one too. his has the regular good looking compass and other little things that look better than a couple. by no means am i down playing the other modders but you cant say theirs are better either. idt explains his mod before, during, and after the application. his are the best for me just for the support he gives after the fact(which he tries so hard to do) please to take this the bad way but try his mod and see if you like it.
  10. hey idt i cant set my return to home. i get all the way til i am supoesed to hit ok at the bottom right but no ok button.
  11. REQUEST: Wouldnt it be nice to have

    good idea. i use my iphone to get my pandora
  12. hey idt once again your tha man. hey is there gonna be a trip on the next one or should i get the trip from the other thread. im not lazy just like your mods. i put someone elses 3.01 mod on but i like yours. great bro great shit!!!!!!!!
  13. How do I play movies from SD card? AVIC F90BT

    yea as far as the copy right thing, i would say that is it. on mine i have played several movies i dl'ed to the sd card. so it does play, you may have to do away with the copy right.
  14. Keeper 3.0 Mod - 07-29-09 UPDATE

    hey keeper ive done your mod and it looks good. i noticed on your first pic not alot of street names are present. mine looks the same. i have messed with the zoom. but the four way no longer comes out on your mod when you tap the screen. in 2.0 we could adjust the clip_plane ini. man im not complaining im just trying to dig deeper into this endeaver. thanks alot

    danny you are using and older version of testmode. get the good testmode from the total 3.0 thread. also follow the instructions as they r. dont skip a step