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  1. I've been holding out for a long time on updating my f90, I added your mod yesterday and I'm absolutely blown away. I've got a lot to learn, you have really moved the navigation using this unit forward quite a bit. A map switching inquiry, can maps be kept in separate folders on the SD cad and switched? Or can maps be mixed between the flash storage and sd storage(some of each Tele Atlas/Navteq)? http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/29707-teleatlas-201006-north-america/ This thread has some sys text settings on changing map storage location, I was just wondering what/how/if it could be leveraged to keep full sets of both Tele atlas and navteq available.
  2. Phone Book edit software

    I still use this excellent utility, my old tilt and now tilt 2 aways syncs my contacts with last name first. The util works great but a couple of minor changes would make it so much faster to use. Any chance to get it updated? Once I correct all the names to be first name last name, reordering everything is quite tedious I have about 300 numbers in my phone book to correct and organize. 1. an auto-sort re-number feature to re-sort and renumber the contacts rather than moving them up/down. 2. In aditon or alternately drag and drop a contact row(s) rather than clicking to move it up or down in order. All that mouse clicling is driving me nuts! Thanks to the author for providing this for our use! ZBB
  3. F90BT New Ipod classic no album art

    I found my own answer inderectly through several threads here and on the web. I did a factory restore and re-sync'd using itunes and no most of my cover art is showing up.
  4. Hey all, Hoping somebody knows how to fix my issue. My wife bought me a new 160gb ipod classic for christmas. I have it connected to my F90bt via the IPOD cable that came with the stereo. The ipod seems to be working great along with the F90 for everything except it will not show any of the album artwork. I've verified that the artwork is there in the tunes, it is seen in coverflow on the ipod and in itunes on the pc. I've tried it with one or many albums loades and the art doesn't show up. Are there more than the 3 locations/sizes I'm aware of to try and see the art? There's the small icon on the nav screen which is always just the musical note, the small/mid size icon on the ipod 'now playing' screen again just the music note, and when I tap that icon and it grows to the large album art screen it is also just the standard musucal note graphic. I'm pretty sure I'm using the latest software/firmare on both the F90(purchased 3.0 from pioneer) and the ipod(updated via itunes) Thanks appreciate your knowledge if you can help me resolve this relatively minor issue! Zbb
  5. 3.0 MSN not working correctly?

    My first attemp simply failed to work for unknown reasons when following the instructions exactly as written, most seem to be having sucess. I did get the firmware update to work right last night. 1. Turn the car or stereo on as you would normally. This does not do a reboot of the unit and that is what is needed for the Avic to see the upgrade card properly. 2. After starting the unit I Re-instered SD card #2 from the 3.0 update 3. I Hit the reset button to force the Avic to do a full reboot and recognize the SD card properly 4. followed the directions for the MSN direct update a. Wait for top menu after booting fully b. Select Destinations c. Select MSN direct d. Select Status If you are as lucky as I am you isimply watch the pretty progress bar until it completes and you are done! You can go select the two hidden spots on the screen to verify things went proper.
  6. 3.0 MSN not working correctly?

    Now that I'm home I see the MSN upgrde file on the sd card. The upgrade manual refers to having a MSN connection and it taking 8 minutes to get the MSN firmware upgraded. The file on the sd card is only 1.5 mb I can't imagine that file would take 8 minutes to process onto the unit. Anyways I've no clue how to force it to run the upgrade at this point. It looks like I have to wait for someone to figure it out, Pioneer to provide a solution, Though under warranty I don't intend to send the unit back for something like this that should be repairable by a simple install file. I also can try rolling back to 2.0 and running the upgrade again an unpleasant 2-3 hour process, or simply ignoring the problem and never having/using MSN direct.
  7. F900 - Video to rear screen in divx mode.

    these are not dual zone units, what you see/play on one plays on all....
  8. 3.0 MSN not working correctly?

    well that's cool i did not even think to look on the card, the install guide indicated that it seems to need to "connect" over the air to complete doing the upgrade for MSN. MSN service is "iffy" near my home but I travel through the Phoenix area daily and the signal strength there is peretty good from several sources. I'll be interested in your "testmode" results if you get to it, I will take a look at the upgrade card again later as well.
  9. 3.0 MSN not working correctly?

    I have same issue, after 3.0 I can't get the F90 to connect to do the MSN portion of the upgrade. Not a brilliant idea to push the upgrade over the air, makes no sense when they could have put it on the memory card. Pioneer or Microsoft could get smart, they could still post a downloadable version of the update. The MSN service could be nice but at this point I may never subscribe as it's never got the data I need in a timely fashion, having to wait 15-30 minutes for the data to update, heck I'm to the destination already and it's just now got some data?? Just out of curiosity, out of those people having issue who has a valid subscription vs an expired trial like I have?
  10. CD-SR1 Steering wheel control?

    I did a quick search but found no info here or via google, will the CD-SR1 work with the F series? I've Got an F90-bt in my Honda Accord, the Accord steering wheel has only three buttons, i've not bothered with hooking them up through any of the after market products yet, it seems like a costly "why bother it doesn't work as expected" situation. A more feature rich control like the CD-SR1 at $20 would be a no brainer quick add-on to buy for me! http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... D-SR1.Shop
  11. F900BT reboots over and over - Very weird - HELP!!

    Hi all I just started having this constant reboot issue today. I purchased my Avic F90bt in late March. 1) Past issues (reboots, freezing) Seldom have I had reboots, the occasional reboot when setting a route before the gps acquired signal 2) Have you (or professional) upgraded your Avic to the latest update 2.0 came pre installed on my F90 3) Did the issue start before or after the update, if applicable? N/A 4) Did the issue start after a hack, a mod or a bypass? I still have CMH928's last/latest awesomeness installed and no it did not start before, during or after the hack/mod was installed. I have the hardwire bypass installed, all connections are verified good as of today, the unit was professionally installed at a stereo audio store so after removing and visually inspecting the wiring everything appears to have been done quite nicely. 5) How long have you had the hacks, mods or bypass? Pretty much since the second or third day after install first week of april, CMH came out with his mod about a week after I bought and had the unit installed. 6) How long has the unit worked without a problem? The unit has Pretty much worked with little issue since day 1. The usual complaints, sd card mp3's slow to start, often cut out at end, other typical complaints that cause us all to come here and look for hacks. Over the last few days, Friday initially, the f90 started losing gps on my way home from work, Saturday it was slow or would not acquire gps on short 10-15 minute trips, Sunday it refused to lock gps at all, so basically before the reboot/lockup my F90 took longer and longer to acquire GPS signal. Sunday morning it would not acquire gps at all, I thought maybe the antenna had somehow dislodged/fallen under my dash where it is installed. I took the dash apart remounted the gps on a more level surface(on the top of the stereo) and wow did I ever get better satellite acquisition for my brief test period, in the garage with the door closed I was locking 6-8 satellites and they were locked by the time the unit booted up, I should have gone for a test drive rather then being satisfied and buttoning everything up for today's troubles. On my way out this morning(Monday) the unit started to reboot more and more rapidly by the time I turned around and made it home(15-20 minutes) the unit was in a tight reboot loop. The rebooting did not start until I started moving. I followed the advice here and rebooted with an sd card and test mode files, it took a good 20-40 minutes of rebooting to get up into test mode. Mostly my fault probably as I was impatiently turning it off and on and trying different things and did not see the post/link about holding reset and eject for more reliable testmode boot-up, so that remains untested by me. I've deleted the 4 recommended files and the unit functions again, it is not 100% though. It is again slow to acquire satellite signal(but not as bad as before 2-3 minutes). Now after acquiring satellite lock when I try to nav "home" the unit will reboot. I would like to try deleting my userdata files but am unclear on the right files to delete, can the whole userdata sub-directory be deleted to start fresh and insure any corrupted file might be removed and rebuilt? My current theory other than random file corruption is MSN Direct, I signed up for this before any mod/hack was applied tried it out in the first day or two after having the unit installed. My free 90 days should be over any day now if it is not expired already. This might tie in with the earlier post in this thread about leaving antenna disconnected. If after trying the userdata removal the unit still has issues I'll restore it back to it's original files, and if that still doesn't resolve this the unit will have to go back to pioneer for repair/replacement. --- edit --- After going for another test drive... MSN is still active, initially the unit rebooted any time I selected home or one of my favorites or recent destinations it did so the first nav to "home" on this test trip also. However after that reboot I tested navigating to a point I selected on-screen, and then set nav to go to a POI 20 miles or so away, this appears to have reset or overwritten the corrupted file as now I can select and nav to my favorites without the unit rebooting. All seems to be operating normally in my f90bt again.
  12. 3.0 Map/Firmware update released

    Many of the "hacks" significantly improve functionality, i hope Pioneer has looked at the community hacks here and fixed bugs and added features in V3 based on their popularity, or simply as optional settings/components. My phone voice dial would simply not work right if not for the phone database organizer/editor shared by someone nice here. Many of the "mods" are serious improvements to the navigation functions: better icon arrangements function Icon availibility that makes sense better compas better time Speed/elevation speed limit signs radar and redlight warnings poi icons Custom graphics throughough the unit are also nice! I'm going to miss all this stuff dearly if it's not in V3 or V3 is not Hacked quickly! That's just a few improvements to V2 off the top of my head, losing these things will hurt and might keep me from upgrading! Though I admit I'm desperate for the newer maps, I may just have to wait and see.
  13. 3.0 Map/Firmware update released

    on the pioneer website the support section for the f90 has a link and definately says: Map Upgrades â– CNSD-100FM: 2009 model year map upgrade and version 3.0 firmware
  14. Possible TV

    so has anyone gotten this working well during travel yet(if so with what tuner and antenna setup?) or is it still limited to good reception while stopped?
  15. peace out.

    Please don't take what I thought to be a simple suggestion to relocate one icon too personally I'm not suggesting you rewrite or change your mod at all simply suggesting an alterative layout idea. I'm quite happy with using it as-is knowing full well I've not got the time or currently the skill to reproduce or change it and that you don't have to share it much less host it either. I did not fiddle with moving the swappable icons in your mod, I don't have that skill/knowledge yet and may never. I loaded it as-is and found what appears a repeatable occurence. That occurence being if I change the setting to show the hist/Gps or hist/msn icons through the NaviSettings/Visual/CustomSettings, then set a destination, then cancel/clear my destination, the history icon is then missing from the top row, but the icon will come back after navigating away to other screens and back to the map screen. I too have large hands and fingers myself so understand not wanting to go smaller, it just looked like the top of the screen was one icon short of space prompting the work you've done to set up a swappable arangement for the choice of preference icons, plus it appeared to me the stop-nav and mute area had some space to spare to add an icon without really interrupting the neat layout you've set up.