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  1. Uploading Custom Backgrounds to AVIC-D3

    Can someone make a CD with alot of photos on it already and I'll paypal you $
  2. Im having the same problem , any idea how to fix this ??
  3. i also have the same problem , i remember somewhere on ebay some guy fixes this might send mine to him to get it looked at .
  4. D3 Nav Problem (I searched)

    i have the same problem still no answer can someone chime in??
  5. using nav while driving (bypass)

  6. ip-bus bt and cd changer?

    is their another port on it? ill go check out out right now, i just pulled out the unit and saw the port is in use, and the Bt mod is tuck far away.
  7. Speed signal - is it needed?

    im having this problem also, i have to recalibrate everytime i use my nav. then it seems to work fine, but its a paint in the A$$ to cd recalibrate the sensor everytime. So is my VSS wire bad maybe?
  8. ip-bus bt and cd changer?

    Okay i have a BT mod right now hooked up, and just bought a 6 cd changer .The problem is they both require the ip-bus cable port, and their is only one port on the back of the D3 unit. Ive search for a ip-bus splitter but no luck. Is their such a thing,and what are you guys doing? How can i have both running? thank you , Aaron