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  1. Wifi + Internet browsing F500BT - Success!

    I'll be finding out shortly..
  2. Android Powered AVIC?!?

    this could be a community effort. someone put together a plan and let's do this!
  3. Is there a USB Switch?

    I have searched this forum but have not found an answer! I'm looking for a hardware device that has multiple usb inputs with a single usb cable output. The purpose for this would be to have multiple usb devices (ipod, hard drive, flash drives, etc.) plugged into the AVIC at once. I am aware that the AVIC will not support a USB hub so I am wondering if there is a hardware switch that I can install and then simply turn a knob or push a button to switch between usb inputs. If it's still not clear to you what I'm looking for, reply here and I will try to clarify. If there exists a thread already that discusses this, please link me. Thank you for reading this
  4. Android Powered AVIC?!?

    come on people, this would be sick!
  5. Image.Res AV Folder Icon Name's ~ UPDATED 12/09/2009

    I can't seem to get 7zip to update an Image.Res file with new images. Any tips?
  6. IDT skin#1 v5.5 03/02/10 9download link to be updated)

    not sure if there's any and you can't change them directly on the nav screen although there's a work around for it, Can you edit the map files to add/edit speed limits for certain roads?
  7. Software mod "bypass" confirmed - Put away your wi

    Think of the children!
  8. GEX-P20HD with X-Series

    i sure hope so...
  9. Solved Hard-drive mounting problem !!

    Thanks, I bought a relay online a few minutes ago. Its not the same brand but I hope it works. Which brand did you get? Link?
  10. HOW TO: 5v USB power for 2.5'' hard drive

    Then something like this should work in theory too although I'm having trouble recognizing the hd after it spins up. http://www.amazon.com/Cables-Unlimted-Z ... 647&sr=8-6
  11. IDT 3.0

    I was thoroughly impressed by the work done by ill.die.trying that I felt a link to his thread should be posted in this forum as well. Please take a look and if you like it, he is accepting donations: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=26243
  12. IDT skin#1 v5.5 03/02/10 9download link to be updated)

    IDT, Awesome job! I just updated to v3.5 and I'm loving it. You sir are a master at what you do. I can't wait to see the new changes. Keep them coming!! respectfully, my_black_RS5
  13. 3.x and emulation

    How can we use the emulator to test mods to the main menu as well as audio/phone etc. All I can do is create and edit route information along with the way the map looks...
  14. Shuffle and Next Track - any hack or fix?

    When you are playing an album off the connected iPod in let's say shuffle albums mode, once you turn off the unit and turn it back on, it will continue playing the song where you left it. Fine, but it changes from shuffle albums to shuffle songs. This is more annoying than anything to have to remember to change modes before the next track starts playing. I've looked for files that may contain default values that can be altered with no such luck. Does anyone suspect the iPod.dll files could contain the answers I seek?