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  1. First you need to have both the Original "Pandora" iPhone app as well as the "PandoraLink for Pioneer" app installed on your iPhone. Make sure you have logged in to your account using the original "Pandora" app. Then start the PandoraLink for Pioneer app from the iPhone. Once you start this up the X920 should automatically source to Pandora. If it doesn't, press the Pandora source icon on the X920. Press the center of the screen (Artist,album, song) area to bring up the list of Pandora stations and change to a different station. You should be hearing the audio as well as see the album art and
  2. Hey guys download the latest AVIC Feeds version 2.1.0 from the Pioneer website. It was posted today. It includes the AVIC-X920BT. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... AVIC+FEEDS
  3. If you want to see the software version after you do the update go into the Service Informatio screen then press and hold the top left corner of the screen (The hammer icon) and it should show the application version as 1.001
  4. There was an update to the AVIC Feeds app that showed up on the iTunes store yesterday. With the new version you can only use geo-coded pictures that you took using the AVIC Feeds app. Any other pictures you may have stored in your phone or that you may have received via email will not work.
  5. Press MENU - Settings - Region - Time and turn Summer Time to ON. This should adjust your clock to the correct time. Unfortunately the U310BT is limited to only showing the clock at certain screens.
  6. The F700 is not compatible with any MSN direct tuners. At the moment there is no way to add MSN to this unit.
  7. Wait about a second after you hear the beep tone before you begin speaking the command. The VR works really well for me with the iPhone 3GS.
  8. You do realize this price is for the AVIC-Z2 and not the AVIC-Z110BT right? AVIC-Z2 is several years old.
  9. Both In-N-Out and Wells Fargo Bank can be found in the Z110BT database. Make sure that you have the correct State selected when you are doing a POI name search. The default state is Alabama and as you know there are no In-N-Out burgers located there. When you search for "In-N-Out" just type in "In N Out" with spaces instead of the dashes (-) since the keyboard does not contain this character.
  10. Try formatting your SD card using FAT32.
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