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  1. Being proactive on a ipod classic issue I'm having with my Avic head unit, but are there any external hard drives I should stay away from that I can connect via USB? I've got a couple notebook drives I've got in external cases I'm going to try, but the first one I tried this morning (not one of the notebook drives) was not able to communicate with the head unit. I got a USB error on the screen
  2. Tried manually copying after you suggested. This did not fix the issue. I will try disconnecting the batter some time in the next couple days. If I can't get the iPod to work I may try one of my external hard drives. The first one I tried this morning didn't work. the hu couldn't connect to the USB device. Hopefully one of my others does. I'll be missing my cover art though. If none of that works, I may just get a new head unit. The new Pioneers seem to have a good user interface. Thanks for your help Ron
  3. in fact. I haven't gotten the ipod to play yet since the map update. I can go to the source input on the hu, but it's basically blank except for the forward / play / reverse buttons.
  4. my headunit history... Hardware Z110BT FW / map updated to 120, then 130 I also had the nag screen removal. Never saw it again. I updated to the 2017 maps today. Works fine. Performed the manual delete/copy/paste to perform the nag screen removal. Still saw the nag screen. I think I replaced the file in the wrong folder. Completely missed the part saying "if the file is not present...." Performed the script that commando provided. The nag screen no longer appears while booting or when going to the nav screen, but I still see it when I browse to my ipod (via P
  5. Just so I understand completely.... I have a Z110BT that is upgraded to the Z130BT. Are these 2013 maps equivalent to the Z140BT where the map VR is lost. Service Info Screen shows version is currently 3.000 and the bluetooth firmware is currently 3.22. I read in another post that the bluetooth fw update, even to just version 3.24 provides some added options and am wondering if it was just possible to update the bluetooth only assuming that does not affect the VR.
  6. Per the diagram, I'm guessing that I need to make sure that feed from the violet/white wire and the power (red and black wires) from the camera both need to go to the reverse lights where it tells you to clamp the backup light lead. Hopefully the audio shop actually ran that wire to the backup light lead. Your input would be appreciated. Thanks Murphy
  7. So I've got a DBC466 that I want to hook up to my Z110BT (software upgraded to Z130BT). The headunit was installed by a local audio shop back in '09. In general, I'm seeing a lot of backup cam installs where you need to wire the power into the reverse lights so that the headunit being used can detect the video feed turning on and then showing up on the display. I understand this, but my headunit also has the "Rear View" setting which allows you to view the image while driving and I want to be able to use that feature. I am currently looking at the installation guide and it seems to me tha
  8. This isn't a huge deal since I mostly listen to audio and not watch video from my ipod classic, but when the time comes for me to connect my new iphone 5 to my Z130, I'm wondering if anyone has been able to watch video and what adapter are you using? The 30 pin to Lightning adapter that Apple sells does not support video (per their website), so I have a hard time believing that any generic version would support video. I'm guessing it will be time to replace the head unit eventually.
  9. I just came across this same problem, giving the error about not being available in the US version of the store. Silly for those of us who have not upgraded to iOS 6 yet. In the meantime, I wonder if just having the app file would allow us to import it into iTunes. Would anyone be able to provide the file?
  10. I haven't looked in a while because I've had other priorities, and I knew it was going to be later this year when the Z140 / 2012 software upgrade came out, but it looks like the Z130 / 2011 upgrade has been discounted to $84.00 from the original $120.00 now on Pioneer's website. Those people that don't want the Z140 but do want the Z130 upgrade may want to take advantage of it before it disappears.
  11. only issue I have is my ipod's battery dying once in a while, but not very often. Maybe once a week. my ipod does not go to sleep.
  12. strangely enough, the battery on the iphone died on the way home from work yesterday, locked up, so i left it alone, later last night, i put it into shuffle mode on the hu, and this monring it is still in shuffle mode, so, not sure what thats about, but no worries about the shuffle now.
  13. i know it has a sleep mode but i can't find the auto-shutoff
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