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  1. stolen faceplate replacing Avic-u310bt

    Yup, any faceplate will work, obviously the same model. The firmware gets updated in the face as I've tested it so whatever the face firmware has its what the radio will show as the version. You can buy from ebay or Pioneer.
  2. Frequent low battery message

    Yup , same issue here and I replaced the battery which fixed it. Your battery is not taking a good charge and dies quickly. I have a post here on how to replace the battery for $6 . My tip is under hacks/mods.
  3. Just had this phone dropping connection with my samsung u470 phone. If I tapped the menu on the display it dropped connection, basically it dropped connection any time I tried to use the phone. Rather annoying to say the least and sometimes it worked ok, I've hit the reset on the face panel and same symptoms, tried menu reset didn't help. I now have removed the face , and disonnected the internal battery , and this has momentarily fixed this issue, of course time will tell. Yes I have updated to the latest firmware, and the phone worked ok till now, strange . Hopefully pulling the internal battery resets the internal logic and all will be well, stay tuned.
  4. U310BT Won't read SD Cards

    Hopefully your formatting the cards with fat32 or it won't read!!!!
  5. Finally some problems....

    There's different ways to reset the 310 itself, and different levels to accomplish this. I believe its in the manual how to do this which should fix the issue. Of course I'm guessing at this but its what I would be considering. I know bluetooth is a pain but if you can't connect with the radio, try to iniate connection with the phone, this worked with my samsung phone. Just some ideas.
  6. Just installed this unit and have no sound

    On the right side of the touch screen is a reset button , I would try resetting the radio, to clear all settings. Is this unit new??
  7. Prepping to Install a new U310BT

    I've looked into the hd unit and read multiple reviews on it and most reviews are not good. I usually read all reviews and installation material and the bottom line is people are not happy with the reception. The reviews say even the regular radio reception is degraded. I believe this is because the antenna cord added between the 310bt and the hd unit adds another 9ft of cable after the install. This degrades the signal I'm sure, but I'll probably look at it when I get my unit.
  8. You use the avic feeds utility , after you save the image you click on settings replicator, then file in the splash screen box, pick your file , click the sd button at the bottom right and the program automatically saves the logo and other settings to the sd drive. Now I haven't tried this myself, as my pioneer is due in this week but from looking at the program it should work.