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  1. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    Thanks any idea which sensors are compatible? Do I need to get a new camera?
  2. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    Thanks for this, way able to do the update on my Z110BT with no issues. Quick question, I noticed that now when I put my car in reverse and my camera is triggered that there are now gridlines on my screen. Can this be setup to beep as I get closer to the car behind me? Thanks.
  3. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to 2012 TomTom Maps Released!

    I have a Z1 that I upgraded to a z3 a while ago. I have the 2012 maps but have forgetten which partition is which since its been a while. I have 4 partitions on my drive LDAT,SDAT,DONT_DEL015 and another DONT_DEL015. Which partitions am I restoring is it LDAT and SDAT? This is the part I am no too sure about for LDAT is the target LDAT (17.51GB) or DONT_DEL015 (18.61GB), instructions say to choose larget partition. Thanks in advance for clearing this up.
  4. stolen faceplate replacing Avic-u310bt

    So someone decided to break into my brothers car and steal just the faceplate of his Avic-u310bt. Can I just by a used one off craigslist or ebay and be good to go or does it need to be programmed by pioneer? Thanks.
  5. Step by step update from z110bt to z120bt

    I just noticed there is a firmware update for the Z120BT to 2.003. I have the z110bt running the 2.000 software from the z120bt. Can I update my unit to 2.003? Thanks.
  6. Which SD card for my Z110BT?

    Has anyone been able to play videos from the sd card? Ive tried all formats .avi, .wmv,.mpg, .mpeg, .m2v and none will play. Do videos need to be encoded in a particular format in order to play? Thanks.
  7. SD Card Setup

    VBLUE thanks for the info. I dont remember seeing anything in the manual but I will double check. I few different formats (.wmv, .avi, .mpg) on the card and none worked.
  8. SD Card Setup

    Id like to know the same I tried putting some videos in the root of the card and they didnt play.
  9. new price on the Z110bt and more info on the rebate...

    Has anyone gotten a rebate confirmation of any sorts? I tried tracking it on the site http://rebateshq.com/ but its not showing up, I mailed my paperwork out two weeks ago.
  10. $200 Rebate for Z110BT offer from Pioneer

    Any idea if the rebate can be combined with the name your price from 6ave? Does the invoice say the discount when you place an order? Thanks.
  11. NAME YOUR PRICE back on at 6ave.com!

    four offers and no replies. I guess I will have to go the eBay route.
  12. NAME YOUR PRICE back on at 6ave.com!

    I submitted 3 different offers for the z100bt and never got a reply back. Was my offer of $1050 too low?
  13. NAME YOUR PRICE back on at 6ave.com!

    am I supposed to receive an email confirmation once I make an offer? I made one for the Z110BT last nite and havent received anything from 6ave, should I submit a new one? thanks.
  14. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to AVIC Z3 w/2009 Maps

    Thanks to all who answered my questions. I upgrade to a 40gb hard drive and everything seems to be working. After the upgrade I checked the hardware settings and I now have V 02.0000 and CDDB 07-01-0010 is this the latest version? Thanks.
  15. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to AVIC Z3 w/2009 Maps

    went through the whole thread and and I might have missed it but does anyone know what the max partition size is for the music? dont want to order a bigger hard drive and waste the extra space for no reason. thanks.