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  1. Thanks again for yet another update to this awesome mod!
  2. Thanks, i have been using v2.3 for over a year now and this new version is awesome!! Keep up the good work:)
  3. IN PROGRESS: Fixing up Samantha

    Could someone please post this file again, i cant find it anywhere... Thanks, Zach
  4. Keep up the good work!! Any estimate to when your going to release the next version? No Hurry...
  5. Hi, i have the X910bt, i have made a backup of my maps and am ready to copy the new ones. Do the names of the files have to be the same? Because the ones that are on the x910bt right now are called, for example: USA_Indiana.fbl and the ones from the download are called, for example: USA_Indiana83TA_2009.06_090710.fbl I just dont want to mess anything up Oh yeah, before i forget, does anyone have the modified samantha tts files that dont make samantha sound so robotic? Thanks, Zach