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  1. Correct, both NT and TA maps are on my storage card. I have a maps_nt folder, but not a maps_ta folder. The TA maps are just in the maps folder. My understanding was that when i used mapswitcher to change to NT maps it would simply rename maps to maps_ta and rename maps_nt to maps. Is that not right?
  2. Is the tuner integrated into the Z130 or not? In most of the marketing it says "integrated", but to me it sounds like they are just simply throwing the external tuner in the box.
  3. Sorry i know this has been discussed a million times but i still can't get the MapSwitcher working. In my content folder i have "maps" which has the TA maps and i have "maps_nt" which has the NT maps. When I go to the map switcher my two options are Teleatlas and Australia something or other...no Navteq. I have both sets of maps on my storage card. This is what I've changed in my sys.txt: [folders] content="\Storage Card\iGO\content" [switchmap] content="\Storage Card\iGO\content" 1=",map_ta,\Storage Card\iGO,\My Flash Disk\APL2\iGo," 2=",map_nt,\Storage Card\iGO,\My Flash Disk
  4. I'd like to remove the clock and compass from the nav screen since I already have both on my dashboard. I'm sure I can figure out the code, but not sure which files I have to remove it from? Thanks!
  5. Im installing this mod right now. If have both TA and NT maps and want to use the map switcher, do I still need a maps subfolder under content? I moved the maps_nt and maps_ta folders into the content folder and placed the appropriate maps in each, but now it seems that iGo is not starting properly. Should I rename one of those folders to just "maps" ? EDIT I renamed map_ta to just map and updated the sys.txt to reflect this and now the unit boots up normally. I also have the navteq maps under map_nt, however when i go to the map switcher my two options are teleatlas and australia
  6. So far its lasted longer than the Pioneer, and at the price I can buy 5 of them for the cost of the Pioneer.
  7. I bought some generic cable off ebay for $9 and it works great. I looked it up using the Pioneer part number. There's a few sellers that sell them, they all list them as if its the genuine Pioneer part, but its really some knock off from Hong Kong. Sad thing is it works 10x's better than the one Pioneer charges $50 for.
  8. Is it both voices or just the TTS voice? I ran into this once after trying to modify the Samantha voice, and ended up fixing it with the reset button to the left of the DVD slot. Do you just have the stock voices on there or did you load any modified voices?
  9. Hey well if you do computer work and live in the philly area we have an opening
  10. Yea I plan to one of these days when i'm not working all day and night
  11. Wow, they look incredible!! I can't wait for the red
  12. Awesome! Now if only we could have a TTS voice that didn't sound so terrible Technically it should be possible to have this with a non-TTS voice i think. The non-TTS voices still have a commands.csv file, we would just need some OGG files to go with it.
  13. Any chance you might do the red one?
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