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  1. Updated Maps

    I figured it out. Looks like the files weren't being copied over completely from the SD card. WinCE reported that they were, but somehow they were being corrupted. When I did a cut/paste rather than a copy/paste, that finally worked, even after some errors in copying.
  2. Updated Maps

    Weird. I'm having the same reboot problem, but I am using the hacked ezrider and license file that supposedly work. What I did was remove the building, dem, map, poi, and speedcam folders out from the flashdrive and then moved the updated folders from the download back on to the flashdrive. Do I need to rename the updated files at all? Is there something else I should do? Thanks,
  3. skip warning and nag for AVIC F900BT 4.001000 update

    Great! Thank you!
  4. LeetLauncher v3.0!!!

  5. skip warning and nag for AVIC F900BT 4.001000 update

    Could you be more specific? Please give me the path. And how do I get into the file system again? Using the testmode SD card method? Thanks,
  6. skip warning and nag for AVIC F900BT 4.001000 update

    Stupid question, but where is the original Commonlib.dll file? Did I just skip over where it said that file was?
  7. New bluetooth unit and still no N3 compatability

    There are several people who have made the CD-BTB100 work with the N3. Not great or "full" support, but it works. Why wouldn't this one be the same thing?
  8. bluetooth kit for n3

    Guys, what microphone does the CD-BTB100 use? My car (2006 BMW M roadster) has built-in bluetooth and steering wheel controls , and in order to upgrade the stereo, I was planning to put in an N3 with this CD-BTB100 and use a PAC Audio SWI-PS to use my steering wheel controls. The mic for my built-in bluetooth is actually on the steering wheel, as are the answer/hangup and radio/phone buttons, which I wanted to also program and use. Does either the AVIC N3 or the CD-BTB100 have a built-in mic, and how will it work? Thanks!
  9. How To: Find your Vehicle's VSS Wire.

    Any idea where to find this wire on a 2002 Porsche Boxster S? The linked site doesn't even have Porsche listed.
  10. Does Z1 "flasher" work with N3?

    Hey everyone, new user here - just trying to get educated. I've been reading up on Ducatiboy's "flasher" circuit, and was wondering if this technique also works on the N3. It seems like the 2 devices have the same sort of protection, except the N3 also has a swtich that could work but involves removing a "void warranty" sticker. Anyway, my car (Porsche Boxster) has a larger than 2DIN opening and no aftermarket bezel is available for it, so I'm thinking I might have to go with a 1DIN unit (N3) for it to not look out of place. Please let me know if this mod will work with the N3 as well. Also, is the speed sense wire required to be hooked up? Doesn't the navigation determine speed from the GPS readings? I have no idea how to get a speed signal from my car. The gauge cluster is all digital. Thanks,