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  1. Worked great with the ShortFuseScript from post 15 from that ShortFuse thread. Thank you all very much! My bluetooth was acting dumb, so I checked to see if there were any updates and you guys didn't disappoint.
  2. Yheea Z110 / z1120 bt Hacked by Condi

    Patrick, is there somewhere I can read more about how to get iGO8 running on this unit? I had iGO8 on a portable device a little over a year ago and found it to be far superior to the Z120 navigation. I see how the hack is performed. I realize that there isn't much that can be done with the unit + hack at this point, but you seemed to indicate that you have iGO8 running on yours? Or did I misunderstand?
  3. Extra Pins for the Bypass Hack!

    No, I don't think so. I linked the cheapest place I could find with the smallest minimum order in the original post.
  4. Extra Pins for the Bypass Hack!

    Are you sure you pulled the cap on the side up far enough (without removing it)? The pins will not go into the connector unless the locking cap is PARTIALLY removed... not pulled out all the way, just lifted to allow the pin to slide into place.
  5. Extra Pins for the Bypass Hack!

    Got the message and replied. I have one left. It's yours. On a side note directed at the rest of the thread: I haven't decided if I am going to buy more pins terminals or not after this last one. Was doing it because I had extra pin terminals on hand. There is a minimum quantity / order size from the vendor and I'd have to sell another, roughly, 20 wires with terminals to make it worth ordering extra pin terminals.
  6. Extra Pins for the Bypass Hack!

    Thanks for confirming it worked. Glad to hear it. I have only heard of one problem so far with the pin not going in smoothly (out of about 6 folks) and I think it had to do with loosening up the cap on the white connector and gently pushing the pin in place with the cap loose enough. (This is the same information that came from the Guide for the doing the Bypass.) This really isn't a business for me. I only make a few dollars per. I do it mainly because I have extra pins on hand from a previous project and I discovered that this worked. I wanted to share it with folks and figured asking for the cost of a beer or two was fair. materials + envelope + postage + paypal fees is about $2 or just under rough estimation. So this isn't a huge money maker or anything, just wanted to contribute something back to the forums. Also, hopefully people have noticed that I've given them the part numbers that they would need to be able to do this themselves so they don't have to buy one from me. They could do it themselves if they wanted to.
  7. Extra Pins for the Bypass Hack!

    yep, the pin / wire is in the mail. you should have it soon.
  8. BT MIC issues for BT calls - asking for a sticky

    Very well said. Yes, the call quality is unacceptable and yes all of the Jawbone headsets that I have used have incredible noise cancellation abilities. In fact, the Chrysler speakerphone known as UConnect has amazing call quality when compared to this POS Pioneer unit. Pioneer should be incredibly ashamed to put their name on this headunit when they make ANY claims about BlueTooth Speakerphone abilities. I will have to check out the Jawbone 3. The series 2 unit hurts my ears pretty bad. (I guess I have very small ear canals...I know I've never been able to wear earbuds. The Jawbone 1 was comfortable, just rather large compared to the newer models.) It makes me sad to thing that I have to wear a headset just to use my head unit's speakerphone. The other features are good, but they failed so miserably on the BT call quality that it really never should have left the design phase until they got it right.
  9. When you are on the System Information screen you must press and hold the "upper left corner" of the screen. Just imagine that there is an invisible button there that you are pushing. It will take you to another screen that will show you the v2.003. I don't know why they buried this information like that.
  10. Subscribed! Following this. Thanks to the OP for all your work on this and anyone else that has contributed!
  11. BT MIC issues for BT calls - asking for a sticky

    Subscribing to this! I am having the same problem. I hate the BlueTooth call quality on the AVIC-Z120BT! Nothing has worked and I've tried all the recommendations that I could find so far.
  12. Extra Bypass Pins Z120bt?

    Hi. I responded by PM. Just wanted to confirm that I still do have some pins available as per the other thread. I have been swamped at work so I haven't getting on here all that often. Only when someone asks for a pin.
  13. Extra Pins for the Bypass Hack!

    Thank you very much for the feedback! Yep, in my instructions I mention that after you fully install the new wire / pin terminal that you should put some positive pressure on it and tape it to another wire. This will keep the pin terminal from moving in the channel because yes, it is shorter. I bought the molex 2-pin connectors (male and female) and the pin terminals. I didn't buy a crimper. I was able to crimp the connector with a pair of needle nose pliers. I'm very glad that the information here inspired someone to go off and try it on their own. Awesome!
  14. Extra Pins for the Bypass Hack!

    I've had a couple people take me up on this so far. Haven't heard back from them so I am assuming the pins w/ wires are either still in the mail or hopefully they got them and no news is good news? If you got one of these from me, pm me or post back and let me know how it worked out for ya.
  15. Yeah, the Garmin Mic didn't work for me either. I tried it w/o and w/ electrical tape around the sides of it. People can't understand me unless I turn the call volume way down. Then I can barely hear them. If the call volume is low enough, then it is okay but not great. My factory stereo's UConnect Bluetooth worked perfectly and was crystal clear on the other end. People couldn't tell I was on a speakerphone. The Pioneer's Bluetooth is garbage so far. Pairing problems, bugs, and horrible audio quality. The mic is nowhere near the vents, but maybe it is in a direct path of one of the speakers. I may try moving it down off of the A-Pillar. (I have speakers up on the top of the dash.) My Parrot Mic just came in. I'll be trying it here in the next couple days hopefully. It may "just work". That would be nice! The other thing I haven't had a chance to try is some of the Bluetooth registry settings on my phone. With Windows Mobile, I can change the bitrate and some other parameters to see if they make any difference. It would be nice if it was "phone" dependent.