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  1. I will try disconnecting the battery tonight. Thanks for the response!
  2. Just completed the update tonight for the map and it worked flawlessly. However, when I updated the BT firmware, the unit no longer shows my iPhone connected in Bluetooth Audio mode but the phone is showing paired with the unit in the BT menu. Do revert the BT firmware version back to the pre 3.32 version or try something else?
  3. Never mind I finally got it. For anyone else having the same issue with the z110bt. I had to replace the cardinfo file from the 2012 update and it worked
  4. Hey guys I'm having an issue and hopefully someone can help. I tried this update on my z110bt and it reached about 52% before a message came on saying "incorrect SD card". It then locked up my unit and I had to go in test mode and delete startlnd.log which got the unit out of the update mode and allowed me to use the radio and features again. Now when I place the SD card in unit it's not starting the update at all. Any suggestions?
  5. Kdogg


    Hi does anyone have the startknd.log file? I had to delete the file due to an issue with an update. Thanks
  6. Throw it on ebay, you'd probably get most of your money back....
  7. Yeah unfortunately the Sirius tuner sucks when it comes to displaying channel info and scrolling artist & songs...
  8. Thanks for the hard work guys. Update worked great!
  9. Does this upgrade fix the sirius radio interface so that the artist and song title scroll without you having to do it manually?
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