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  1. I can confirm the firmware is working on my F20BT after all modifications. I have now version 6.0
  2. After a lot of testing and trying I have the 2013 working again. I will test the 2015 again and let you know. For other who has the issue with " Wrong SD Card or insert SD Card"..... Please boot into test mode and go to the option to write the firmware (Before you have to copy the folder from the 2015 firmware, update/user/ copy the PRG folder and rename it to ((AVICZ110)) put it to the root of sd and copy the testkey to the root, then choose from SD and rewrite all positions then reset the user settings. Reboot and it will say no available application program. Boot again to test mode
  3. Hi all, I'm back!!! Sorry I was over 15 Months on the way and had not time. I have already tried all the descriptions to update my F20BT but it always fails, as usual a new SD Card fully formated copied the whole files Firmwar, Update (With Verinfo.DAT) the modified CARDINF.CIF not success. I have also modified the .ddl file with no success. I have downloaded the files were offered in the first mail with the patched .DAT and modified .CIF After update I got "An error has occured and the update has failed" I can then repeat the update and it won't go out of this loop. I have al
  4. Only the folder with Bluetooth. The device will find it if you copy the folder to root and go to update. Regards
  5. Replace the VERINFO.DAT with the above one. what does that mean? the one above what? Download the one attached in the first post.
  6. I just would like to thank you and tell you, my device is working now. I disconnected the Battery Cable and plugged back. That was the problem, now everything is working as before. Regards
  7. Yes, I tried to install Pioneerus on my device and that was the biggest mistake I did. The device won't boot after that. I've tried to remove PRG.FLG and restarted the machine, it begann to update the firmware and the same thing.... I'll try to recreate and flash the newest firmware 5.0 or 5.10. I'm trying to install 2013 Maps, but no luck... It won't start from the SD.. Regards
  8. Looks like the problem I had with my old F920BT device. It begann with black and white stripes... I've tried to replace the flat ribbon cable, nothing happened.. At the end was the device it self, GPU or Display fault. I hope its not the same with your device. I endeed to replace with the F30BT Regards Eyad
  9. Can you please make a backup of your User folder after the update. I had the same issue like kbrandsma but now my system reboots while it shows firmware 4.00 and I had already 5.10 (2013) on it. It will be great if you can help me with it. Regards
  10. Hi, Who can make a backup of F30BT ((User)) and upload it for me? My device crashed yesterday and won't boot anymore, restarted with supertest.key and didn't found the USER folder at all. Its important an hope some one can help. Regards
  11. These maps only for F700 and F900 but not for our F20, F30, F40, F50 and F910, F920, F930... etc... These are only the IGo Maps.
  12. Please make a full format on the SD, it takes longer but to be on the safe side. Copy the whole folders and files to the root of the SD. You may need to create the OPENING.FLG with 0KB, put it in this folder Update\USER\SYSTEM\BG I remember the update won't start on my AVIC F20BT until I've created this file.
  13. To all of you, if you want to run the update on your device just follow the thread from the first page. There is now how to with pictures. If you face any problem, you will find the solution some answers later. We've handeled all the problems people faced during the update. For those who is asking for removing the warning during start up " Sorry this thread has gone" we have to ask the admin to reactivate again. Regards
  14. No, this is not for your device.... Take this one here
  15. This is only for Europe... You have to search for that update
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