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  1. Hi, That was what I did on F840BT (FIRMWARE, UPDATE and CARDINFO.cif should be in the root of a fresh FAT32-formatted SD card). According to this post it should also work with F930BT. Best guess: No. Sorry, I don't know about backup.. I didn't do it... If you want to do so, I guess that you need to enter testmode in order to copy contents from the unit, but someone else might have a better answer for that. koks
  2. HA! I spent so much time on the wrong things because I had gotten into my head that my unit is a F910BT, but the unit actually has F840BT printed on it. Sigh, but it seems that I finally succeeded - not sure if I got the very last update, but in any case, now it is more up to date.
  3. AVIC-F840BT with some 2012 firmware updated to 2015. I took the files and PW from post #336820 put on fresh SD-card, card in navi, turn on, choose 'yes' to update, waited approx. 20 minutes for the update to finish. No further hacks needed, worked smooth - thank you clever guys in this forum. Sounds easy, right? It was, when I finally succeeded, but I had to read like a million posts about different revisions of maps for different units, different versions of testmode, editing dll-files, cardinfo, verinfo and what not, it actually took me a full night until I figured it all out - and then it only took about 30 minutes, and voila! This forum is full of information, and it takes a good portion of patience to deduct the core of what you actually need.
  4. Hi, I am going to try this map update on my AVIC-F910BT as soon as the car comes back home! Is it necessary to install the mod, or can I update the map files from testmode without installing any mods? /Henrik
  5. If you can find "Condi's HACKMODE v2.21" that worked for me on my F840BT firmware v4.0. I can't seem to find the thread again though. It seems difficult finding the right post on this forum. But information is here - you just need to be patient and spend some time searching, I guess! Br,
  6. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    I just brought my F840BT firmware v4.0 back to life using Condi's HACKMODE v2.21. I have no 'Users' folder. Password.dat was in /Windows/System/Security folder... Thanks & cheers!
  7. HOWTO: add voice guidance mute button

    I quit trying to make it work with updating the DATA.zip file. Instead I created this folder structure on the device: APL2/iGo/ui_pioneer/common/ui APL2/iGo/ui_pioneer/800_480/ui and put only my modified 'navigatemap_800_480.ui' into the last mentioned folder (APL2/iGo/ui_pioneer/800_480/ui). This works like a charm!

    Format SD-card with FAT32. Download working testmode archive: http://www.mediafire.com/?fmyklzkeiyt Unzip 'testmode' folder to root of SD-card. It forks for me on F700BT.
  9. HOWTO: add voice guidance mute button

    Same here, newest FW for the F700. Added: ; ** voice guidance is on, display green button <BUTTON xxx bmp="746_32K_OM-019_32b.bmp#3" x=720 y=280 onrelease='run sc_mute_guidance_immediately' onclick='playsound "!button"' visiblemodel="navigation.has_route&!sound.announcer.muted" USE_SEPARATED_SAFETY_MODE=0> ; ** voice guidance is off, display red button <BUTTON xxx bmp="746_32K_OM-018_32b.bmp#3" x=720 y=280 onrelease='run sc_unmute_guidance' onclick='playsound "!button"' visiblemodel="navigation.has_route&sound.announcer.muted" USE_SEPARATED_SAFETY_MODE=0> to DATA.zip, same issue, unit displays "system startup in progress" and the navigate/map screen will not display. Hope that anyone can tell what might be wrong. I've done it over and over again and again, no luck.
  10. Hi, My AVIC-F700BT, for some reason, only came with RCA SUB out and RCA VIDEO in I need RCA FRONT and REAR out as well. I guess that I need to buy this spare part; CDP1143. Does anybody here know a place in EU that has the part? Pioneer and the sellers that I found on Ebay.com only ship to the US. Best, Koks
  11. Off Screen Button/Shotcut Mod ?

    Hi, If I'd only like to have the 'Screen Off' button and not all the other modofications, how would I then go about? I can not find the 'Screen Off' code in the original .ui files, so unfortunately I don't know where to start looking... /Koks