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  1. I find it due to faulty input data, from whomever sourced the tune to the iPod or from somehow getting scrambled by my computer before d/l to the pod.
  2. GPS takes a long time to display.

    This unit is far slower than a (audibly crappy) Kenwood Epsilon, their best. Any system must have current geo-synch data from GPS satellites, so they're asleep, the more time required. Our problematic BMW 7er was quick to boot, as the system left the GPS 'hot' for some time, keeping data-current, then allowed it to doze off. Kw had a faster CPU, quickening boot time.
  3. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Thanks, OP. Found this today did it to the 7200NEX after F/W update to .07, thereby removing a PITA aspect of its 'features'. No ground of PB wire and limited time with the s/w mod. Having left my music SD card in, it got fouled and needed repair via WinDoz10.
  4. Does anyone have the service manual or a link to a free pdf of it? I have two of these for custom cars, finally geting completed. thanks in advance.
  5. How Hard is it to Replace Touch Screen

    Thanks for ALL of that. I need this for a D3 and grabbed the manual.
  6. You might try a cleaning disk. they are inexpensive and reviews are rather positive, in case it is a dirty lens for the laser.
  7. D3 speaker issue

    You cannot swap D3 outputs, say front to the operating rear to see if it is the amp channels or the head unit? The layout of some multichannel amplifiers makes proper cooling of one or more sections less effective, which might cause the typically harder driven main L and R to fail first.
  8. Ignition Mod on F900BT?

    Waiting for the batteries to arrive, but about to build this. Starting voltage drop is not usually the issue, but the unit's going 'stupid' and the resultant very long GPS boot time is; this even with both red and yellow power wires connected to BAT(+). (The car battery holds charge real well.) I have yet to learn why one F500BT long-boots (latest Pioneer update (4.0)) yet the other one, not car-installed but connected to the wall adapter, running Ver 3.0 (from here) w/ Chrome mod responds quickly to the 'soft boot'. Seems the quick press of the PWR button on the FT500BT should allow such a quickie, as it does on the latter one..... even after several days of no use.
  9. F500BT slow to boot for Nav

    Interesting that the other unit, an FT500, running Daftia's mod, powered by the AC adapter, fires right up into Nav, even after being in STNDBY for days. that one is running Ver 3.
  10. Micro sd card

    Worked for me, inside the adapter.
  11. Has anyone found out how to get the FT500BT up and navigating quickly? Finally got the custom dash panel made for the '55 Nash Rambler with cutouts in that panel for all the wires to feed the amp mounted behind the dash. It works nicely but the Pioneer FT500 specific amp could play louder, even with quite efficient speakers. I dislike the long GPS boot times and installed the antenna to help, and have read other posts about it; most are quite old. I don' think the antenna made any difference in speed of satellite synching. The unit gets real stupid when it shuts down, losing the GeoSync (or whatever) data. I plan to build the power supply board with 10 NiCad AA batteries, from the AVIC forum (thanks guys) to hopefully alleviate that, during short stops, at least, despite the decent capacity of the 500's battery. For now, both yellow (BAT+) and red (IGN) wires are connected to (+). I tried the 'sleep' mode (a quick power-button press) but if left too long in that state, it goes stupid on me and takes forever to reboot as if I did a full shutdown. Music from both the iPod and SD card come up okay; not instantly. This unit runs the newest Pioneer version, 4, with no mods, yet. BTW, the wires are all 'buried' now.
  12. Updated 2011 maps

    This link no longer works, to wit: "The file or page you tried to access is no longer accessible." .
  13. Updated 2011 maps

    The time you spend reading the Hack.Mod posts and others will be worth your time and you'll get better support (as we all have learned) after doing so. Get familiar with testmode and how to BACKUP and then copy the new map files to your unit. It requires a time investment, like we made, but you can reap rewards beyond having new maps. There is a learning curve but many have seen the value. Thanks to the OP for the uploads. I had a few issues with the files (#1 was corrupt and other 2 others showed errors), but I will test what I d/l'ed soon, in one, then the other F500BT. The non-torrent sites are passable but excruciatingly slow.
  14. Yes, and I have not returned to 'stock' to see if it was systematic, not software related.
  15. AVIC F500BT Firmware Downgrade

    That might work. I bricked mine and messed with it until I got it going again. Now, you know to always backup. I resisted the urge not to.