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  1. Avic N1 mod - anyone in Toronto can do this?

    You will prob need to ship the unit to get the bypass done if you are not confident in doing it yourself.
  2. N1 map update question - noobie here...

    Yes , Update requires internal mod for bypass.
  3. x920bt backup camera question

    Other member is right, you do not need a switch but we have installed the switch in several applications because it is faster, easier, and more convienient than going in and changing your view mode. Example, we have done several systems for a local tow truck company and they like and prefer the quick and easy method of just flipping the switch. Especially when you need it in a hurry. So I feel it is more convienient to do it this way but other member is correct, it is Not neccassary....
  4. AVIC F900BT

    Well apparently there are more issues involved with mine other than low voltage, or the damage is already done!? Reguardless, tried the relay and no change. Took unit out and bench tested it with all other variable eliminated it still did it. Starts to boot up and and like 10 sec later goes black and starts again. Lights never go out on knob and stuff so I am fairly certain it must have a software problem. Pioneer has agreed to exchange it so guess i'll go that route but this happen to the last deck to but it was only when you drove with the nav ant hooked up! Weird, are these decks just trouble prone and I keep getting decks with issues or are Mustangs lacking ign voltage to the point of damage? 1st deck worked fine just the mic wouldn't pick up so I think I am just havin a run of bad decks and getting refurbished decks that still have issues!! LOL. On to deck #3, see if they send me a good one!!
  5. x920bt backup camera question

    You dont lose anything and bypass still works fine. Worked fine on cars we did. As long as you still have reverse wire hooked up to reverse lights then the automatic backup cam will still work, you just have to keep your deck on Pos+ trig for back up cam and make sure you are swithching 12v through your manual switch. The only problem you will have at this point is your backup lights will come on when you turn on switch. Here is how you can fix that! You will need to use a relay and put 12V IGN to post 86 & 87. Connect 85 to one side of your manual switch and the other end of the switch to ground. Take your wire comeing from your backup lights that is going to your reverse trigger wire and cut it, then connect the side going to the backup lights to 87a and connect the side going to the deck to 30. Now when you switch your manual switch (with backup cam wired to IGN) the deck will see the 12V propting the backup cam screen but backup lights see nothing. When switch is off everything works normal. This can also be done by installing a one way power diode in the line to the backup lights beyond the point that you have tapped in with your switch but relay is my preferance. A reputable shop should know how to do stuff like this and I am always bothered by people that say "it cant be done" or "wont work". I believe if you dont know then just say so! Your installer may be a good one if he does good work and doesn't mess up your car so not saying he's no good but maybe he still is learning and should rething the way he answers questions he is unsure or uneducated about. LOL. If you need any more clarification let me know.
  6. Avic N1 Bypass

    Looks like this is a old topic and surely there has been some devolopments by now! I have a AVIC-N1 and have the 90 software map disc and need to know the easiest way to bypass this for video and address input while in motion. Has anybody come up with a confirmed method?
  7. HELP PLEASE F920bt Aerial Problem

    Some vehicles require that you have the remote turn on wire connected even if it's not a powered ant to work properly but I don't think this is one of those cars. If everything seems intact then I would take your continuity meter and test between the tip that plugs in to the deck and the steel rod portion of the antenna. If you have continuity (it beeps) then that part is good. If not then there is a break in that center conducter wire somewhere and you will need to figure out where or replace it. After that check continuity from the outer ring portion of the anttenna plug to ground of the vehicle. Should beep again, if not check you antenna base at the body of car and make sure it has a clean mount. If all the contacts are good then check continuity between the tip and the outer ring or shield, there should be none. If all these check out and your antenna is fully extended then it should work great and the prob must be in the unit. Hope this helps you narrow it down......
  8. x920bt backup camera question

    We just went through this at my shop and here is what you have to do. The reason you are getting a black screen when you manually turn on the backup cam screen or switch it in the view mode is whoever installed the rear view camera has wired it for power from the backup lights therefore it has no power unless you are in reverse. Change the cameras power source to a acc power that way the camera has power whenever the key is on and therfore will work anytime you manually switch or change the view mode. Jason had it right, I just added some details! Hope this helps make it more clear for you......
  9. AVIC F900BT

    Thank you for that bit of info, I was actually thinking about trying something like that so the fact that it worked for you gives me more inspiration to try it. I have car comin back tomorrow so I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes!
  10. AVIC F900BT

    Hope somebody can help me out with this one! I have installed a AVIC F900BT into a 2005 Mustang and I performed the bypass that is described on YouTube and cant seem to get the unit to work properly. It will boot up (after what seems like forever) and play and work and when I put a DVD in it plays fine and there are no warnings or prompts, which leads me to believe that my bypass worked, but then if you drive it down the road it is if like someone shut the key off. Deck goes off and then goes through the startup screen again then eventually comes on only to shut off again and it does this continually. I tried unhooking the VSS wire and it didn't make a differance. I unplugged RCA harness with mute wire therefore removing any effect of the bypass to no avail. I unplugged the Nav ant and unit stays on but then of coarse, NO NAV! I was told by pioneer tech that it was a faulty unit so I sent it in and had it exchanged for a AVIC F90BT (same deck but Premier) and upon installing the replacement unit was met with SAME results. Has anybody else encountered this problem or have any suggestions?!? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  11. AVIC-N1 Map Disc

    NOBODY knows this? I thought this would be a fairly easy question for the smart people that commonly surf this domain!! I guess I'll just try the 90's and hope they dont ruin my in motion video.
  12. AVIC-N1 Map Disc

    Can anybody that KNOWs tell me how recent I can go with map discs before just grounding my brake wire no longer works as a bypass. Currently have CNDV-60M but only have east. Can anybody help me with the most current map disc (west) that wont screw up my View in motion or tell me how to bypass if I do go with current map discs!? I would be glad to pay shipping and a few $$$ for your time.....
  13. New Hack

    Ya, just saw it on You-Tube. Thanks for the confirmation.
  14. new guy needs advice

    I would recomend checking out the new AVIC-Z130BT. It is a pretty loaded with features deck and this year is a $100 cheaper than last models AVIC-Z120BT. It has ability to do Pandora, has your IPOD controls, displays album art, does DVD,and has excellent mapping with 3-D and 2-D view as well as landmarks, etc.. Also has voice control, command for your phone, IPOD, and navigation. I own a car stereo store and that is the deck I plan on installing in my HUMMER H2! Hope that helps give you some direction..... Erik
  15. New Hack

    Does anybody know how to bypass the New 2011 AVIC-Z130BT?? I assume it will be the same as the AVIC-X930BT as they are common or share the same installation manual. I know how to do the 910,920,110,120, but the new ones are different. They have a smaller A/V plug where the mute wire is than the previous year models.