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  1. Random questions. Did Pioneer gave up on the maps update? the 2013 USA/CAN Maps is the latest
  2. I did the hardware hack when I originally installed my unit. I did the software update and everything went well. I assume that the hardware mod is still working. Random question....... When I go to system information I don't see all those entry..... All I have is two lines of information... One say 5.000. I guess everything went well
  3. You are right...... I used the 2013 maps method.
  4. Hey Rons. sorry for the noob question but i have not seen anyone ask or make a comment about it (sorry ahead of time). I have a z120bt stock with the break mod by pass. Question If i do the update will i loose the break bypass mod or will it still work as it did originally? Thank You
  5. Hey...... I have a week reading on every post and collecting files. like yourself i am on avic z120bt (stock no update, only mod was the bypass on the break). i read this good post hope it help. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35230-2012-uscan-maps-cnsd-310fmuc-upgrade-updated-to-supereasymethod-beta/
  6. just tried the firmware update and nothing. same issue as the 2 above post, will only play the audio files. anyone was able to update the firmware?
  7. hello all i have an evo 3d and a z120 i notice that the Bluetooth music streaming sucks (or i am doing something wrong). When ever i connect my phone via Bluetooth to stream my mp3, i notice that the sound quality is bad. is there any way to change the music quality? or any other way to listen to music from the phone with great quality? another question..................... the iPhone connection on the z120 (the usb and the audio in cable) if i plug in any mp3 player via the head phone jack in it wont play any music nor any sound. how would i play music from a mp3 player (example zune,
  8. Hello all. i have had the z120bt from a couple of month. i haven't had the chance to really play with it since i had a couple of family problem over seas. now that i am back i was able to play with my Evo 3d and the new HU. i was wondering if there is any way to connect the phone music to the HU without Bluetooth. (the sound quality is bad on blue tooth). also i notice that on Bluetooth the phone makes all the changes to the music ( volume up and skip track ect. not good if i am driving). i have purchase a aux cable that would connect from the headphone jack of the phone to the iPhone connec
  9. hello all i have done some searching but i am unable to find a double dim fake face plate for my 120bt do anyone know were i can find them?
  10. to avic_rez what type of security are you willing to improve??????? to anyone out there i live in NYC and and i drive a jeep grand Cherokee.i had 3 month with a z120bt with no problems. in April and may i have had 3 broken windows and 2 attempts on the head unit (thanks to my neighbors for there laud mouth lol. i decided to reinstall the stock radio, but n ow i am tire of using my phone and the stock radio unit when i have a good unit in the closet. my question...............do any one know of any shop in NYC (Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn)that would do a costume part
  11. Dummy Stock Headunit Faceplate this is what i would like to create
  12. wOw............. this is why i am afraid to install my Z120 my project i am currently in the process of ordering 2 part foam to make a dash cover for my z120, the cover will look like a stock radio. lol only made it as far as ordering the 2 part foam, looking on how to harden the foam. Probably fiberglass my goal with this project is to create a cover for the z120 that will make it look like a stock radio if any one know of any better way to go about this please let me know
  13. thank you for your quick reply is there anyone working on a hack?
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