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  1. Mystery wiring harness spot

    The AppRadio already has a USB interface on the back. The reason you need to have the "garden hose" cable is that it also carries the video out signal over an S-video interface. If you look at any of the unboxing galleries, you can see that the "garden hose" has a dock connector on one end and splits to a USB and S-Video connector on the other end where it plugs into the harness out of the back of the AppRadio.
  2. Things I hate about my AppRadio

    Funny, I had just done a post about this as well. It's here: http://appradiocentral.com/post/13166834024/hey-pioneer-heres-some-stuff-to-fix I guess I've been lucky in that I haven't seen the issues dayday has other than the scrambled RDS info on the radio. I haven't had any of ryanmaule's Windows CE crashes either. There's definitely still work to be done, though!
  3. I would recommend it with a couple of caveats. I think it's still for early adopters that understand what's going on with the head unit and the iPhone at this point. I knew what I was getting and was willing to accept some early adopter hassles, so it meets my expectations, but I still want to see more improvements going forward. You're still going to need to mount the iPhone relatively close to the head unit. The app switching is getting better in that most of the compatible apps now send you back to the AppRadio app when you press the home button on the head unit. This isn't a perfect solution, but it does address the need to switch apps on the phone vs. the head unit. Not all apps do this yet and you may use audio apps like Slacker that aren't compatible with the AppRadio interface that will still require using the phone to switch to/from. Also, MotionX is a fantastic GPS application and I love how it uses both the iPhone and AppRadio screen to maximize screen real estate, but some people would prefer everything on the AppRadio screen. As it stands now, this is another reason to mount the phone close to the head unit. ProClip USA has a number of good options on that front IMO, though. The occasional glitch that causes you to force quit an app or reset the head unit will occur. You have to be OK with that in the current incarnation of things. That said, I continue to think that you get a really valuable set of features at a great price. Where else are you gonna get a navigation head unit with a capacitive touch screen this big for around $300? Plus, as more apps appear and Pioneer continues to update their app and firmware, it will only get better.
  4. netflix

    You can watch Netflix while the car is stopped or if you do the parking brake hack, anytime.
  5. Cool Tip: Voice Control

    Dragon Dictation is another good addition to your voice control capabilities. It's free on the US App Store. I'm not sure about other regions.
  6. I think they're just looking at your data usage and guessing you're tethering based on a large increase. If that's the case, I should get a letter any day, but I think your jailbreak factors into it as well. Still they're making an incorrect assumption as you're not tethering by their definition.
  7. List of apps working with the AppRadio

    Where'd you hear that jayrom? Any more details?
  8. Slooooooow clock...

    If you turn CT on in the preferences, it will sync from FM stations that broadcast the time. That should keep them pretty darn close. You'll find that setting in the radio app itself behind the tools icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  9. Netflix?

    Once you have the parking brake issue sorted out, just be sure you're in app mode on the head unit. In other words, be sure you've pressed the Apps button from the AppRadio home screen and that the parking brake (physically or via a switch wired to simulate it) has been toggled on/off/on.
  10. iPod and Apps Buttons Greyed Out

    This has been my experience as well. Quitting the AppRadio app has always fixed it. I try to avoid resetting wherever possible so I don't have to redo my EQ settings, clock, etc.