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  1. Firstly, I thank you for everything you do on this project. Im sure everyone feels the same way, but I just wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated. As to possible options.. here are a few things.. these arent things I feel are missing, but things you may want to add in the future perhaps if it is even possible.. they may even infringe on what the new jailbreak method is working on. 1) A way to change the icons/font of text in the same way you can change the wallpapers. 2) A more detailed screen calibration.. such as contrast, hue, RGB changes et al like my lexus has. 3) A way to bypass the darn hand brake system. For educational/working concept there should be no legality issues. 4) Voice activation. With siri available now, some form of screen based siri button rather than going through the phone itself. 5) Some way to use the units GPS as the main module rather than as an asistant to the inbuilt iphone GPS 6) A new theme for the system as a whole, my dads aston martin has a great design to it. Again some of these may be out of the relm of whats possible, but wanted to throw them out there.. would love to hear your opinion of which of these is/isnt possible. On a seperate issue, you should have a paypal contribution setup unless there is one I have missed.
  2. again we need someone to hack the operating system and be able to fix these things.. i dont need to be told that my camera may be a mirror image..
  3. When I switch into reverse i get the message on the top part of the appradio screen "Items shown may be a mirror image" or similar. Im essentially looking to remove the text entirely and just have the screen show the video. Is this possible via a setting ?
  4. music videos, ipod movies

    I can only tell you how i do it.. 1) Do the handbrake fix or you cant see video while moving.. 2) Jailbreak itouch/iphone and add one of the video out cydia programs (displayout etc).. then run the app you want to use (standard ipod program/vlcplayer) and press the apps item on the appradio and you get a full screen image. Im not sure what you mean by question 2.. do you mean can videos play continuously in a row like with a itunes playlist ?
  5. GPS Errors and Confusion

    Like you, i made the mistake of assuming the GPS device could totally replace the need for the iphone GPS/location services. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case, and is more of a supplementary device.. i use something called the bad elf gps which attaches to any of the current iphones/itouch/ipads that does infact replace the need to use location services, is more accurate, and means 3g is not needed.
  6. AppRadio VS Mimics

    Mimics will be great once they have figured out the serious kinks.. last i looked the major problems were that the system you purchase requires you buy an amplifier as its essentially a touchscreen system your buying (not a head unit) and the following straight from their website.. 3. Incoming callers will sound clear through your car speakers. However, incoming callers to your phone will hear an echoing of their voice when speaking to you. Noise canceling apps have not shown to help remedy this problem. 4. Bluetooth headset pairing is not possible with Mimics. Mimics pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and it is not possible to connect an additional headset when paired with Mimics. 7. GPS seems to be less accurate, to about 3000 feet while the system is in use. Once disconnected, accuracy returns to normal. if we can get access to the program code of the app radio which seems to be windows ce based bizaarely, pinch to zoom, swiping, for all softwares could be used.. and even the annoying hand brake requirement could be removed
  7. Custom wallpaper thread

    Great job ! People should start uploading their versions of wallpapers.. I will try and create some today.
  8. Did some checking and apparently the power wire is used to power the factory subwoofer when using an aftermarket radio. i think sadly its just a poor OEM antenna as others have stated its an issue.
  9. Hate to bump an older thread but im also having issues with radio reception. I have an FJ Cruiser which has a regular antennae and since switching to this radio unit I get a ridiculous amount of static.. anyone have any ideas ? The stock antennae plug fits perfectly into the appradio antennae connection so I do not think its that..
  10. Sweet wallpaper ! I noticed a specific folder for the font.. Has anyone tried to change that ? I guess next step would be icons as well.